Advertising Trends for 2021.

Advertising Trends for 2021.

How Important Is Paid Advertising for your eCommerce Store?

The Zyber team love working with brilliant brands and teams that enable our clients to truly succeed in every aspect of their business. That’s why when our clients ask us about digital marketing strategy, we introduce them to the super talented team at Reload Media. Zyber has been working closely with Reload for over 5 years. 

This week we had two powerhouse guests from Reload join us. Emily Forrest (Head of Business Development) and Amy Scott (Digital Strategy Director) sat down (virtually) with us to talk about what is important when it comes to nailing a digital marketing strategy and meeting your customer where they are at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

This episode is a goodie and as Waldo says at the end “I could talk about this all day with you guys’.

Main topics covered this week were;

  • The importance of meeting your customer where they are
  • Changes to paid advertising and consumers as a result of COVID.
  • Why you should be using paid social media ads to reach your customers
  • PPC advertising trends for 2021
  • The trends for instore vs online shopping and how you can capitalise on the shopper no matter where the transaction takes place.

Amy & Emily share some phenomenal insight throughout this episode –


For a copy of the Reload 2021 Retail Playbook – Click Here


Reload Media 

Reload Media is a digital marketing agency focused on developing customised solutions that help businesses achieve their goals. For Reload, it’s about building long-lasting working partnerships that see them become an extension of their client’s teams. Reload is a global company with offices in Brisbane, London and Manila, with a combined staff of 70+ globally and 35+ in Brisbane, allowing them to have global reach. Over the years Reload have partnered globally with over 500 Australian & International businesses, large and small. Working across a wide range of channels and platforms to deliver multi-channel digital marketing solutions that get real results. Their approach starts with the customer journey and covers; overarching digital strategy, SEO, Paid Search, Content, Display, Social Media, and everything in between. This approach combines analytical data, innovative technology and strategic business thinking to meet client’s goals whether that be; eCommerce sales, in-store traffic, leads, driving awareness or something else!

Want to know a bit more about Emily & Amy?

Amy Scott is the Digital Strategy Director at Reload Media and is responsible for the performance of the Digital Marketing activities for a number of major Australian brands. She works closely with the teams at Reload to ensure these clients are at the forefront of digital maximising all elements of their digital strategy. With a background in pay per click advertising, web strategy, conversion rate optimisation and a keen eye for detail, Amy priorities an integrated approach across all facets of digital to consistently driver better results and return overtime for clients. Amy has been with Reload for 10 years and has grown and developed with the company, and also branched out to both our London and Manila offices to assist in the training of our global staff. Her meticulous approach to client work extends internally within her integral role at Reload.”

“Leading the growth and sales team at Reload, Emily Forrest is acutely attentive to the fact that marketing is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to business success. Having been immersed in the online and marketing industry for over 12 years, her expertise for complex business structures and strategic oversight is unparalleled. Emily’s growth mindset keeps her laser-focused on big picture goals and objectives, driving purposeful collaboration between both internal and external teams to facilitate client success.”