Building a community through UGC with Yotpo.

Building a community through UGC with Yotpo.

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How would you like 10,000 reviews in a year plus a 200+ increase in purchase rate with Yotpo?

We were lucky to be joined by Rad Mitic, Head of Partnerships, APAC at Yotpo to unpick the power of building a community with user generated content (UGC).

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is the world’s leading emarketing platform for ecommerce merchants to accelerate growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing. 

Watch or listen to this episode to see how you can increase your customer community by removing the friction for customers to leave reviews and giving them the control about how they interact with your brand.

4 Key Reasons you need Yotpo. 

You can choose as many or as little of these services as you like. 

1. User Generated Content

UGC is visual marketing, a powerful tool that business can’t go without. Yotpo’s UGC app is the new ecommerce version of word of mouth where you can leverage your biggest asset, your customers to create social proof. Yotpo increases customer ease to create content, with their integration into Shopify as the data is already tagged, making it easy for customers to create photos, videos and dynamic content to complement their reviews. UGC can drive a higher CTR because the content is from real, everyday people.

2. Loyalty and referrals 

With cookies being phased out, and data being harder to capture, this strategy is on the rise. Loyalty and referrals allow brands to smartly ask their customers for information if you reward them in return to maximise engagement and increase lifetime value (LTV). 

3. Review and ratings

Collect authentic customer reviews through email or SMS and display the social proof to convert browsers into buyers. By giving the consumer the control of how they engage with your brand, it makes it easy and increases the chance they will leave a review.

4. SMS marketing

Yotpo’s two-way SMS marketing is integratable with Klaviyo, and Gorgias, it’s not one or the other. SMS marketing is opt-in platform and provides an alternative channel to offer your customers communication in a way that suits them. Yotpo are seeing open rates of 98% as well as a phenomenal 81% ROI on flows.

Shopify has also invested in Yotpo and their product teams are working together. Watch this space because there are some exciting new things coming out in Q1 2022!


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