Growing a business.

Growing a business.

How do you grow a business?

The people have spoken! We did a survey on the Shopify NZ Facebook group, and people want to know how to grow their business.

In this episode, Leo and Waldo share their nuggets of gold on how to grow a business, from an eCommerce and management perspective. 


Growth from a positive management approach

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a history of successful business growth, our team share their wisdom on the key tips to growing a business. From a positive culture to forecasting, here are the top elements every business needs to prepare for success:

  1. Leadership: be a great leader who doesn’t sit on a throne, but instead works alongside their team members with a collaborative vision statement.
  2. Pivoting: know when to change your business model and keep up with micro and macro environmental changes when you need to.
  3. Sales and understanding your audience: forecasting is key to knowing what resource you need in advance, reducing burn out and managing costs.
  4. Processes: eliminate friction through manual processes by automating tasks. 
  5. People: surround yourself with people smarter than you. We discuss how to curate a positive team culture and avoid the great resignation.



Growing an eCommerce business

Our Shopify experts have been in the industry long enough to know what works, and what doesn’t. Without giving to much away, here are some of the key areas to consider when you’re looking to take your eCommerce store to the next level.

Who do you need on your team?

It’s important to understand what the internal processes you need are, and who you need to support you with these. A common mistake a lot of businesses have is not having someone dedicated to their eCommerce store. As a benchmark if you are generating more than $1million through your website, you should consider having 3 to 5 people working on your website. 


Focusing on learning & upskilling yourself 

If you don’t have a large budget, one of the most crucial things you can do as a business owner is to learn your own systems. This will help when you grow and need to onboard additional staff.


Assets into your website that you need to grow

Website traffic and a good website go hand in hand. Therefore, a good website is no use without any traffic and vice versa. Our Shopify experts discuss what you can do to remove friction between visiting the site and checking out, include key features to add.

Some key apps for every eCommerce store.

A key tech stack will make you successful through cost savings, and generating growth.

  • Shopify: as your eCommerce platform. There’s an offering for everyone, depending on your size and eCommerce goals. Additionally, Shopify Markets is also a great feature if you’re looking to go global.
  • Klaviyo: for integrating powerful email marketing. Segment your data and use it to create meaningful, personal flows that stand out from the crowd and provide your customers with up to date information. Klaviyo can grow your relationships with powerful automation and ecommerce integration.
  • Yotpo: for reviews and user-generated content (UGC). With Yotpo you can remove friction for your customers and leave them in control of their interactions. Subsequently, the UGC can then be used as on-going marketing content.
  • Built with: a Google Chrome extension which allows you to see what your dream stores are using. This is really helpful if you want to look at what other successful brands are using.

Find out more about our other partner apps here.