How do you prepare for peak sales season?.

How do you prepare for peak sales season?.

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How do you prepare for peak sales season?

Peak sales season rolls around quickly every year! Therefore, to keep optimistic, and mitigate challenges, start preapring as early as possible. It goes without saying the 5 Ps are a saviour for eCommerce brands heading into the peak sales season: prior planning prevents poor performance. 


Here are our eCommerce experts’ Top 5 best practices to adopt to get your store and customers ready for this year’s peak sales season:


💌Have a defined offering: a short, succinct message.

📈Have sufficient stock on-hand: look at last year’s inventory data results to predict sales for this year to avoid missed opportunities and customer disappointment.

🏷️Consistency: keep the same message across all of your marketing material.

👥Re-target customers from last year: use the zero-party data you have on hand to produce personalised, win-back customer campaigns to re-engage previous customers in this year’s sale.

💻Get smart with paid marketing: all of your competitors will also be using paid marketing in Q4. However to get ahead, start now, and focus on capturing valuable data to create segmented targeted customer lists.


Having the right tech stack is crucial to reduce overheads, maximise sales and ultimately, drive ROI.

Here are our strategists’ top apps right now:


  • Launchpad: for merchants on Shopify Plus, this app will help get theme changes ready and scheduled well in advance.
  • Okendo – create a community and social proof with reviews and UGC.
  • Loyalty Lion – drive CLTV with loyalty points and rewards.
  • Klaviyo – implement powerful, data-driven email and SMS flows.
  • Rebuy – upsell/cross-sell to increase AOV.
  • Gorgias – automate your customer service in a unified platform.


Here are some promotional strategies to incentivise your shoppers during peak sales season.


  • BOGO Buy one, get one or free gift with purchase. This is a great way to incentivise customers to convert, as well as expose them to a new product in your range.
  • Free shipping: 48% of customers will add items to their cart to qualify for free shipping. It’s convenient, and additionally, allows customers to justify additional purchases.
  • Free gift wrapping: offer that unique experience of providing pre-wrapped gifts. For customers shopping for members in their household, or for those who are time poor, this is super valuable to them.
  • Tiered discounts through a spend & save: the higher the order value, the higher the discount is a great way to incentivise customers to increase their AOV.