Meeting consumer demands in 2022.

Meeting consumer demands in 2022.

Meeting consumer demands in 2022.

Welcome to Season 4 of Talk’n Shopify!

We’ve given our studio a refurb and we are so excited to be back recording together in-person.

This week we look at the big picture: what do consumers actually want to see this year? If you understand what your customers want, it means that you have a better understanding of how to communicate with them.

In this episode we discuss retail trends reported by Shopify Plus and Hubspot, driven by consumers that are expected to guide brands’ approaches in 2022.



6 retail trends for this year

1. Consumers want more visual content

We know that visual content is on the rise, but 30% of consumers surveyed said that video is their preferred way of engaging with brand content. Not only does video content create a positive user experience, it’s also very important for SEO rankings as Google has started putting video next to search results.


2. Consumers want more ethical brands

49% of consumers answered that if a brand has a positive impact on the wider community and environment then they are more likely to consider purchasing from them. Make sure to share your brand story if you are creating a positive impact throughout your business model. You can also integrate the Shop Pay app into your Shopify store to enable consumers to offset their carbon emissions during the checkout process.


3. Customers will support eco-friendly businesses

Consumers are becoming more conscious with who they are purchasing from and they said they are 4x more loyal to purchase from an eco-friendly brand. 


4. Consumers want more educational content and courses

Taking video content to the next level, 58% of people say that they would like it if their preferred brands offered free educational courses and content. These courses can relate to ‘How to’ with using your products and services, and the great thing is that if you put the effort in at the beginning, it will be available in your on-going content library.


5. Voice and visual searches are becoming more important

Voice search optimisation (VSO) continues to evolve, with over 25% of people using the voice search function on their mobile device. SEO results are offering users multi-format content ranging from images, shopping and videos. Therefore, brands are having to stay on the pulse to keep their ranking. Check out this episode of Talk’n Shopify: Voice Search Optimisation (VSO).


6. AI and AR will lead the way

Augmented reality (AR) is increasing on consumer’s radars and how they want to shop with their preferred brands. AR uses computer-generated information to create a life-like, interactive experience so that consumers can engage with products as if they were physically there. For example, using AR means consumers can try on shoes, clothes and picture furniture in their house. According to EConsultancy, the global AR market is projected to grow from $6.12 billion in 2021 to reach $97.76 billion by 2028. Click here to see some examples of how AR is integrated within marketing activities for global brands such as ASOS, Walmart and IKEA. 


You can view the full report: The Future of Commerce by Shopify Plus.


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