Optimise Your Facebook Page for Sales.

Optimise Your Facebook Page for Sales.

An optimised business page is one that sparks interest and engagement with it’s followers. Read how to create interesting content, set up your page apps, and choose your Call to Action!

In today’s fast paced world of digital information, Facebook users spend around 40 minutes browsing Facebook everyday a statistic provided by Business Insider discovers in July 2015. So you’ll want to create content that keeps them engaged and directs them to your store! I’ve listed three different and easy ways to do that;


1) Interesting Page Content = More Sales!

My Facebookpage content varies from posts about who we are, to encouraging engagement, funny memes, sharing customer’s photos, offering freebies to club members, as well as what has inspired us to create a certain range of nail polish.

Social media is a great way to ‘let them in’. When the customer can engage with you or learn more about you, they’ll start to build a positive relationship with your brand.

Buffer Social suggests that posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% more engagement than lengthier posts. A great indicator to keep your posts short n’ sweet. They’ve also noted that photo posts get 84% more click throughs on links compared to text-based posts.

This post shows how special our club members are to us. It also starts the thought process of “how can I join?”


2) Be App Optimised – Where else can they find you?

Facebook allows minimal customisation on your Facebook page, so you want to make the most of it where you can. A hugely under-utilised area is the Apps section. 

This little area can be filled with Call to Actions. You can install apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. so you can interlink your other social media accounts. You can also add a tab for a newsletter sign up, as well as a link to your store. You can only have three showing at one time, so pick what three actions are most important! You can search for apps in Facebook’s search bar.

Add images for each tab to make the apps section a lot more visible on your page. Make sure that the images relate to your overall look and brand, to create a cohesive looking page.


3) Your Call To Action – Shop Now!

Now that you’ve got great content on your page and your followers are engaged – lets direct them somewhere. Hubspot found that fans who like your Facebook page are 35% more likely to make a purchase!

The Call to Action button sits right next to the ‘Like’ button in the cover photo at the top of your Facebook page. It’s incredibly easy to set up.

Depending on what your service is, your Call to Action button can reflect that. I use ‘Shop Now’ because I want to direct viewers to my store. When I’m wanting to increase the amount of people signing up to my newsletter list, I’ll change my button to ‘Sign Up’.

Once you’ve got your Call to Action button set up, you’ll be able to view Facebook’s insights to see how many people are using it to go through to your website. Facebook’s insights will also show you how effective your content posts are at engaging with your audience. You’ll need to frequently check this information so you can see what works best for your page.


If you would like to learn more about Shopify join our Shopify NZ Facebook Group! We also have an international group, you can join here Shopify Worldwide Facebook Group.

If you would like some help getting set up or have any further questions, feel free to contact the team at Zyber.

Content written by Stephani Lord-Harman from Zyber.