Our top 6 eCommerce apps.

Our top 6 eCommerce apps.

Our must-have Shopify apps 2021

Within the Shopify ecosystem, we are so lucky to have access to a multitude of powerful apps that help drive our eCommerce forward. From marketing automation, inventory management, upsell tools, front end design and personalised communication there’s an app for almost everything. 

Whilst this is amazing for merchants, knowing which app is right for you can be tricky, that’s why eCommerce experts, Leo & Waldo have sat down to reveal their current top apps available in the Shopify App Store. Whilst we have a long list of our faves, this week we shared our top 3 apps of the moment that we recommend to our clients. 


Selly  https://selly.io/

One-Click Upsell  https://zipify.com/

Bonjoro  https://www.bonjoro.com/

Tapcart  https://tapcart.com/

Rebuy  https://rebuyengine.com/

Carro  https://getcarro.com/

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