The Easiest Way to Accept Laybuy Payments on Shopify.

The Easiest Way to Accept Laybuy Payments on Shopify.

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The Easiest Way to Accept Laybuy Payments on Shopify

We’ve partnered up with another payment gateway for Shopify, Laybuy.
We love what they do & what they can offer you.

Laybuy operates as a Buy Now, Pay Later service for your customers where they get to spread the cost of their purchase over 6 weeks, Interest Free.

Laybuy makes it so easy for you and your customers.
You no longer have to hold stock while the customer pays it off.
You don’t have to deal with the risk of fraud and non-payments.
And there’s no admin management required.

How does Laybuy boost sales?
By offering Laybuy you allow a lot more people access to your product.
It helps get people over the line.

What risk is involved?
Laybuy assumes responsibility for credit, fraud risk, and non-payments.
You receive payment as usual. No fuss. No chasing up.

What’s it cost?
Only 4.75% of the total purchase price (GST incl.)
And, you get paid in full within 48 hours of the sale being made.
Allowing you to ship the order as usual.


How does Laybuy work?
Your customer selects Pay by Laybuy at checkout
Returning customers only need to confirm the order to complete the purchase.
New customers can sign up at checkout and start using Laybuy today.
Your customer’s order is processed immediately and payment schedule is established.
Customer only pays a sixth of the price today with the rest split over 5 weekly automatic payments (but you receive full payment within 48 hrs)

Who else uses Laybuy?


Want Laybuy for your customers?
(Your customers will love you for it.)


Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter