The full iOS14 download – Reload Media.

The full iOS14 download – Reload Media.

Is this the end of Facebook advertising?

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Well, it’s been a few weeks after the iOS14 update has rolled out and most businesses and marketers should be aware of it by now, but we thought we’d get an expert in to give us the full rundown on everything you need to know. Alex McCann from Reload media is an absolute gun at digital marketing, he kinda knows it all when it comes to PPC and Facebook advertising. So it was no surprise to us that only a few weeks after the launch of the update, Alex was all over it and joined our eCommerce experts for an episode of Talk’n Shop to share his knowledge. 


Listen to this episode to find out;
  • Exactly what has happened since the launch of the iOS14 update?
  • How have marketers responded?
  • How have users responded/ what have the opt-in vs opt-out rates been?
  • Is this the end of advertising for marketers?
  • Alex’s Top Tips for successful ad campaigns
  • Alex’s predictions for the next few months.
What are your thoughts on the iOS14 update? How do you think iOS14 will impact eCommerce brands advertising on Facebook?

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