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Good Buzz.

An eCommerce and Point of Sale solution.

The Brief.

Good Buzz make traditionally brewed kombucha, a probiotic beverage which promotes good digestion and gut health, as well as being a great alternative to sugary sodas. In business since 2014, Good Buzz has become extremely popular around New Zealand and can be found in cafes, health food shops, supermarkets, gyms and bars throughout the country.

Our Approach.

Improved Functionality & User Experience (UX).

Good Buzz came to Zyber looking for a new website design to fit their colourful, fun-loving brand. They wanted custom functionality for an improved user experience.

ReCharge Integration.

Good Buzz have an extremely loyal customer base. To leverage this accordingly, our team integrated ReCharge, giving loyal customers an easy way to automatically receive their product every week, fortnight or month. This strategic eCommerce integration not only improved the user experience, but also increased the customer lifetime value for Good Buzz.

Project Outcomes.

Through custom functionality and the integration of ReCharge, Good Buzz has significantly improved the user experience and enhanced customer loyalty. This strategic move not only reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction but also positions them for continued growth in the competitive market. Overall, the project's success underscores the importance of investing in digital solutions to support business expansion and drive long-term success.

The Before & After.

The Before

The After


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