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Migrating From Magento to Shopify Plus.

The Brief.

Vuse New Zealand was eager to move away from acquiring tickets for every site update, downtime of site and the ongoing maintenance task. But they really wanted to move away from the Magento lack of tools that Shopify Plus provided.

Vuse also faced a number of limitations and challenges due to legislation relating to the selling and distribution of vaping products and needed an agency that could be creative on how to address these challenges and support the brand expand in New Zealand with Ongoing Digital Strategy.

Our Approach.

Our team seamlessly migrated Vuse from Magento to the Shopify Plus platform. This meant no downtime during maintenance, control over their site (no more accumulated dockets or tickets), and a fresh new look.

The cross migration was only the beginning though. Our analysis of the data showed many challenges, and opportunities, due to the nature of the product. With the restrictions around the selling and distribution of vaping products, particularly advertising and marketing, our team set out to create a site that would be:

  • Optimised for on-site advertising
  • Focused on user experience (UX) and customer engagement
  • Optimised for showcasing the product

To tackle the challenges and meet these objectives, our team developed a number of custom integrations. In fact, Vuse is a highly customised website in the back-end.

Custom Integration: Shopify to DHL feedback loop

Since Shopify and DHL speak different languages of code, our team developed a custom integration that converts Shopify orders into a separate format that is required by DHL. This converted data is sent to DHL so orders can be fulfilled rapidly.

This once manual and time-consuming process has now been automated, thanks to Shopify and our custom integration.

Custom Integration: Age Verification

Legislation dictates that customers must be 18+ years to purchase a vaping product. Though it’s not yet required by law to verify age at checkout, we wanted to stay a step ahead of the curve and prepare Vuse for the future. So we developed a custom age verification functionality.

Zyber have integrated Vuse with Data Zoo, which checks and verifies two things:

  1. The customer is the age they say they are
  2. The customer is not providing a fake document

The checkout was customised to lock-off until the customer’s age was verified. Documents are checked against the government database, returning either a positive or failed result. Only a positive result unlocks checkout. The process is designed to be as fast as possible and ensures Vuse are fully adhering to legal and moral standards.

Other legal requirements, such as not being able to deliver to P.O Boxes or internationally, also required customisation at checkout. Something our team took in their stride.

Custom Prize Promotional:

Vuse wanted to run a new promo to support their rebranding. We generated 660,000 unique codes (as per request by BAT). These codes were printed and stickered on product units sold. When the customer receives the product, they then text a specific number with that code, receive a reply with a specific URL to visit, and then they either login or register.

Once complete, they can select a gift i.e. cartridge or skin, or if they have already claimed the gifts, they can collect points that are added to their account automatically. They can use these points as a discount on their next purchase.

3D Modelling:

To showcase the products on-site and optimise for customer engagement, we embedded 3D files into the website to allow the user to rotate the device and view from all angles. When viewing on an iPhone, users can remove the device from the site and view the product in their environment (AR) and get an idea of the actual size of the product.

“Wow, that’s a lot!” – yes, it is. But that’s not all.

Although the site is highly customised in the back-end, it still includes all the standard Shopify features, meaning:

  • Vuse still maintains control of their website
  • No more dockets or tickets to make changes to the site
  • No downtime during maintenance or updates
  • Other 3rd party integrations
3rd Party Integrations:

Along with our custom integrations, the team integrated a number of trusted apps to streamline business processes for Vuse.

Vuse Yotpo
3D Showcase Vuse

Project Outcomes.

Klaviyo Integration:

With Klaviyo, Vuse is able to target specific customers. This software links seamlessly with Shopify, with reports such as abandoned carts and recurring customers, all going directly through Klaviyo. The way Klaviyo is built is helping Vuse to streamline their marketing efforts and say bye-bye to spreadsheet overload.

Yotpo Integration:

Yotpo enables Vuse to collect reviews using AI-powered solutions, build customised and on-brand loyalty or referral programs to incentivise repeat purchase, referrals, or social engagement.
Social proof, such as reviews or social sharing, is the eCommerce version of word of mouth. It’s powerful and incredibly valuable. People can upload videos and photos, encouraging other prospective customers to purchase.

The Before & After.

Previous Vuse homepage images

The Before

Vuse home page

The After


Klaviyo Email Marketing Logo
Shopify Plus Partners Logo Logo

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