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Manage inventory across multiple outlets with a centralised product catalog, accessible from your POS, back-office, or on the road.

Lightspeed is cloud-based retail management software that simplifies and streamlines retail tasks. It allows retailers to run their business in-store, online, and via mobile. Lightspeed integrates and works seamlessly with Shopify and provides a tight integration between point of sale and payment processing.

With Lightspeed as a Shopify partner, Zyber provides a robust inventory management system to help clients stay on top of stock orders, generate reports and ultimately grow their business. 25,000+ retailers around the world trust Lightspeed to power their stores as it features a user-friendly interface that's fast and easy to learn, works seamlessly with existing or new hardware, and is synced to the cloud for access anywhere.

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Zyber offering Lightspeed as a Shopify partner means businesses have access to Shopify’s most popular cloud-based retail management software.

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