Boost your CLTV with Rebuy's AI powered personalised shopping experiences.

Unlock the potential of intelligent, automated upselling and cross-selling with Rebuy, seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store by Zyber. Our collaboration with Rebuy transforms your online shop into an engaging, intuitive buying experience that not only delights your customers but substantially increases your revenue.

Personalised Shopping Experiences.

We harness Rebuy's sophisticated AI to craft personalised shopping experiences for every customer. Imagine a scenario where your store precisely knows what your customers adore, recommending products that seem bespoke for them. This transcends mere shopping; it's an engaging experience that drives revenue with new customers and encourages repeat visits.

Maximise Customer Lifetime Value.

With Zyber and Rebuy, your store evolves beyond a simple marketplace—it becomes a clever ecosystem adept at the art of recommendation. Our upsell and cross-sell strategies are meticulously refined to ensure customers don't just make a purchase; they make the ideal purchase. This approach not only elevates your average order value but also solidifies customer loyalty and maximises lifetime value.

Why Partner with Zyber and Rebuy?

Expert Integration: Our profound knowledge of both Shopify and Rebuy ensures a perfect integration that leverages the strengths of both platforms.

Bespoke Strategies: We reject the one-size-fits-all approach. Our strategies paired with Rebuy's custom rulesets can create product recommendations that are tailor-made to meet your specific business requirements and objectives.

Ongoing Optimisation: The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and so do our strategies. We perpetually optimise your Rebuy configuration to ensure you remain at the forefront, maximising every opportunity to impress customers and amplify your revenue.

Connect with Us.

Align with Zyber and enter a new dimension of e-commerce, where every interaction is an opportunity, and every customer journey leads to success. Let's unleash the full potential of your Shopify store together.

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