Safeguard Your E-commerce Future with Spotrisk and Zyber.

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, security and risk management are paramount for sustained growth and customer trust. Zyber, in collaboration with Spotrisk, offers a proactive solution to safeguard your Shopify store against fraud, financial discrepancies, and operational risks, ensuring your business remains secure, compliant, and ready to thrive in today's digital marketplace.

Spotrisk provides an advanced suite of tools designed to detect and manage a wide array of e-commerce risks, from fraudulent transactions to compliance issues. Zyber's integration expertise ensures that Spotrisk's capabilities are seamlessly incorporated into your Shopify store, offering real-time monitoring and protection that allows you to focus on growth rather than managing risk.

Fraud Prevention Made Simple.

The threat of online fraud is a constant concern for e-commerce businesses. Our partnership with Spotrisk equips your Shopify store with cutting-edge fraud detection algorithms, minimising chargebacks and protecting your revenue. With Zyber's implementation, these tools are not only effective but also easy to manage, ensuring that your business is safeguarded without adding complexity to your operations.

Know when a location is risky, and take action.

Spotrisk's location Risk API checks any address data you send it to provide risk scores, insights and recommendations. We check a variety of data points including incidents of porch theft, delivery issues, and chargeback data from our vast intelligence network.

Protect your revenue with instant buyer verification.

Verify buyers with one click
Buyers verify themselves with our smart, lightning fast verification feature.

Decline orders confidently
Ship orders to genuine customers and reject orders from buyers who fail the verification process.

Built into your workflows
Merchants can automate buyer verification checks if orders reach a specified risk threshold.

Secure Your Digital Horizon.

With Zyber and Spotrisk, you're not just protecting your Shopify store; you're investing in the future of your e-commerce business. By prioritising security and risk management, you're ensuring that your business is not only resilient in the face of online threats but also positioned for sustainable growth and success.

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