How to quickly scale several eCommerce businesses on Shopify 

The ultimate Boss Babe, Entrepreneur, Mum to beautiful Summer and eCommerce Queen. Iyia Liu has founded over 7 successful businesses all before the age of 27.

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Perhaps most known for her eye for brilliant brand growth and rapidly growing businesses on Shopify, Iyia has had an extremely successful career. She is the Founder of Tidal Hair, Good 4 Me, Luxe Fitness, Celebration Box, Explosive Social and Girls in Business.

After founding, growing and selling businesses, Iyia continues to launch and build brand empires all from Auckland NZ. She also runs her own Social Media agency, and a girls only networking organisation that hosts events to help other Kiwi women be their own Boss Babes.

At the age of just 21, Iyia founded and launched a new brand Waist Trainer which went on to sell over 100,000 units in less than a year.

Our eCommerce experts have worked with Iyia in the past and knew she’d be an excellent guest on our show. She shared her highs, lows and biggest lessons in eCommerce building highly successful brands online.

Listen to this episode to find out more about;

  • How Iyia knew it was time to sell her businesses
  • How to infiltrate the Kardashian empire and work with Kylie Jenner
  • What to look for in business brokers
  • Biggest lessons learnt in a rapidly growing business
  • How to quickly grow a brand using social media
  • How she balances running 3 businesses, being a doting mum, and still have time for fun
  • What’s next?

You can follow Iyia or check out her businesses below;

You can follow Iyia or check out her businesses below;
TV Show: Boss Babes on @tvnz.official + @hayuuk

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by zyber2020
June 30, 2021


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