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A small but dedicated team based in Newmarket, Batenburgs offers gourmet food, wine, and flower gift baskets and delivers them across New Zealand. Prior to moving onto the Shopify platform, Batenburgs was operating on WordPress. After struggling with low sales and a poor conversion rate, they decided to redesign their online store by investing in an eCommerce website that truly reflected their brand and showcased their products.

The Zyber Solution.

Our team cross migrated Batenburgs from WordPress to Shopify. We also discovered Batenburgs branding didn’t align with their target persona. Our team worked with Batenburgs to rebrand their business, upscaled the brand colours and designed a new logo to-boot.

New Batenburgs website on Laptop

The Result.

Almost immediately after Zyber migrated Batenburgs to Shopify, the team at Batenburgs reported 3x the amount of sales. 

Year-on-year sales initially increased 99%, the returning customer rate increased 36%, and total orders increased 88%. Three years later and these numbers continue to increase year-on-year.


Mobile Batenburgs Website


Moving on up with Support & Success.

So, what’s next? Consumer behaviour is constantly changing, and so should your eCommerce strategy. 

Batenburgs jumped on board our Support & Success program to optimise their site further and continue their recent growth. Troy Saint Laurent, Zyber’s Support & Success Strategist set up an approach focused around pre and post-purchase upsells as well as improving user experience and aligning the brand more with the buying segment of its consumer base.

Presentation of the home page.

The first step was a full overhaul of the homepage was required as the existing one was dated and no longer delivered the right message.
Colour schemes and section proportions were revisited, the layout was revised. Unique value propositions were emphasized. 

Batenburgs Home Page

Working with an existing unique value proposition.

Batenburgs Mobile CYO Hamper


Batenburgs had an existing feature that showed potential. It allowed end-users to create their own gift hamper from scratch, however, the user experience was not suitable for the target market and resulted in a low conversion rate and a low page value.

Zyber streamlined the user experience and design to focus on ease of use, transparency and ‘making the website do the work’ for both the end-user and the merchant.

The results of this overhaul speak for themselves:

In Short (within 90 days):

  • Page value up 1,120.88%
  • Page views up by 26.11%
  • Average time on page up by 12.09%
  • Bounce rate down by 25.99%


Pre-purchase Upsell:

This merchant’s store sells pre-made gift hampers. The option to add up to 6 items (that were chosen by the merchant) was provided to the end-user, as part of a strategy to increase average order value. User experience was geared towards value selling the add-ons.

The result was increased monthly sales by an average of over 15%. More context is gained when observing the average order value before and after, as well as the end-user interaction and statistics when purchasing upsell offerings.

Average Order Value up 25% August vs November

Making Buying Easy

The buyer’s journey is a massive part of the conversion rate.
The end-user needs to feel 100% in control of the transaction while not being overwhelmed with too many options.  In most cases less is more, this is a fine line to walk but when executed correctly can produce impressive results. Zyber simplified the checkout page to guide the customer through to purchase as smooth as possible.

Checkout page options ( data-driven results in 2 pages)






Talking to your customers & Post Purchase Upselling


Email template designs were revised, send times were optimized, the database was segmented, and 3 strategies were drawn up based on the segments.
We won’t go too deep into the strategies as these differ between industry, expected outcome, customer persona and so on.

The first strategy began development on November 1st, and the results are pretty impressive. Sales attributed to marketing efforts increased by 1,715%!


Email Clicks VS Products ordered.
The below graph shows not only that the emails are more impactful and engaging, but that they are converting well. Abandoned cart emails were not a part of this strategy.


After only a few months on the Support & Success program, Batenburgs are seeing tremendous growth, which demonstrates just how effective taking time to create a data-driven strategy can be. The Zyber Shopify Experts sure know how to drive eCommerce success.


Old Website Batenburgs
New Website Batenburgs

The results 99% increase year sales growth,36% increase returning customer rate and 88% increase total orders


"OMG... I'm not superwoman. Where are all of these orders coming from?!"

Caroline Cardinale
Director at Batenburgs Gift Baskets

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