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Fish City Hamilton

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Scaling eCommerce with Shopify Plus.

Fish City Hamilton has evolved from an established family business in 1992 to a growing company with three eCommerce brands. They had grown as a brand, and needed a faster, more professional platform to continue to grow their online presence.

We identified that using an Online Store 2.0 theme on Shopify Plus would deliver an exceptional experience for the Fish City Hamilton team and their customers. In addition to this, it would future-proof their sales. We first connected with their team at the BNZ Business Support Seminar event where our CEO, Leonardo was speaking about eCommerce success beyond 2021. They had also been in touch with Shopify Plus directly who recommended to work with Zyber on the upgrade which validated their plan of attack. 

Fish City webpages


Zyber worked with Fish City Hamilton on a hybrid model for their eCommerce project. This means there were two departments, Production, and Growth Strategy working on their strategy simultaneously to set them up with a long term growth and competitive omnichannel solution.

Ecommerce cross migration

Our designers and developers created a new website design on Shopify Plus, using data analysis to focus on delivering an exceptional UX/UI for Fish City Hamilton’s customers. Fish City Hamilton also runs two other brands, FC Boats and Hunting & Outdoor. They wanted to consolidate the user experience and showcase these brands within their master eCommerce website. Zyber’s developers custom designed a tabular approach allowing for seamless brand recognition and user journey across the three sites. 

With over 4,500 SKUs, our team re-designed the navigation functionality allowing easier use within the site. Because there are so many different products, we highlighted some of the top sellers across each range.

We also leveraged the new metafield features of OS 2.0 to apply product accordion tabs. The metafields enable products to be related so that users onsite can see detailed information and product recommendations based on what they are browsing for.


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Growth Strategy.

Email marketing

Our strategists continue to partner with Fish City Hamilton on an ongoing basis to grow their omnichannel solution. As part of this ongoing process, we have added a number of valuable features to enhance the user experience and drive ongoing conversion rate optimisation. 

Fish City Hamilton uses Marsello for email marketing and loyalty. We redesigned all of their emails in Marsello, the email marketing automation platform they use. As part of this process, our strategists recommended segmentation within their customer data.


Our team implemented Okendo across two of their brands; Fish City Hamilton and Hunting & Outdoor to capture and synchronise customer reviews. No native integration exists between Marsello and Okendo to reward customers for leaving reviews. Zyber used Shopify Flow to create an integration for this so customers could be rewarded with points for leaving a review. Customers can receive extra points if their review includes user-generated content (UGC) such as videos and photos. The results? They received 220 reviews in the first 10 days. 


Another app that Zyber integrated was Rebuy, a personalisation app. We created a feature called ‘Spool my reel’ where users could click on a fishing reel and they receive recommendations of what line they could then spool it with. Utilising 156 rules we implemented, and the AI in Rebuy, means the user has a more seamless experience, as they can purchase the two items hand-in-hand. As a result, we could replace Fish City Hamilton’s custom app, making it more efficient for them to manage going forward.

Spool my reel

Our team implemented Shopify Scripts into the site to allow for multi-buy discounts during the checkout process. 

Lastly, our strategists helped them through the discovery phase to migrate to a better inventory management system with a cloud integrator, SMB Consultants. 




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