Golf Warehouse

Golf Warehouse

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New Zealand's Largest Golf Retailer.

A beautifully designed Shopify Plus eCommerce solution for NZ’s biggest golf retailer. Custom design elements, thousands upon thousands of products and custom branded store fronts, resulting in a big project with even bigger results!

Golf Warehouse has been working with Zyber for four years. They have their own product line, GWX as well as the sole licensing for the import and distribution of leading brands XXIO and Tailormade in New Zealand. 

From 2017, as their team and target audience became more digitally focused, Golf Warehouse used Zyber on an adhoc basis to manage tweaks for their online store. Our team had created a proof of concept to upgrade their store to Shopify Plus, and based on customer feedback it was approved. By preempting COVID-19 and upgrading to Shopify Plus, their eCommerce store has gone to the next level and sales have skyrocketed.


Phase 1: Upgrade to Shopify Plus and Store Redesign

Golf Warehouse has seen massive growth! Our digital strategists designed and developed a Shopify Plus store with a huge focus on creating a customer experience as well as bringing awareness to their in-person facilities; Extreme Heli Golf – Queenstown and Custom Club Fitting. 

Golf Warehouse Showcase

A unique feature of the Golf Warehouse store is that it simulates four websites within one because our developers customised four unique page templates within Shopify Plus to match the look and feel for each of the brands they stock. 

Creating a community continues to be a priority for Golf Warehouse and Zyber helped them execute the ability to show reviews and social proof on the products. We also customised a design to add a personalised touch for their staff’s favourite products for customers to view. Each of these click through to a staff profile so customers can gain recommendations from real, everyday golf fans like themselves.

Golf Warehouse Staff Recommendations

Golf Warehouse Staff Profile

During the integration to Shopify Plus, Zyber completed a full integration of their store with Vend, a POS and inventory management app. Golf Warehouse is completely cashless across their eCommerce and bricks and mortar stores, so the Vend integration helps to create synergy and optimal experience for both staff and customers who need to make online purchases in-store.

With customer personalisation in mind, they also have Frankie integrated into their store. Frankie uses AI powered personalisation to display the products that their customers are most interested in throughout their online shopping experience. This not only creates a personal shopping experience, but drives online conversions.

Golf Warehouse Showcase

Phase 2: Growth Strategy

Judging by the results of the store over the past six months since the new design went live, it is evident that Phase 1 has been a tremendous success for Golf Warehouse. As their business continues to grow, their needs are becoming more granular. As a result, we are continuing to work with them on an ongoing basis to improve the usability (UX/UI) and CRO of their online store. 

Before & After.

Before & After.
Before & After.
Golf warehouse results with zyber

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