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Louvretec sells premium sun shades, outdoor blinds and roof systems for sustainable homes and buildings. They have an extensive product range and an online presence in New Zealand, Australia and overseas. They came to Zyber with an outdated website design and content. Their customer journey on-site was not optimised and there was a lack in functionality.

louvretec website mockup

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The Zyber Solution.

Zyber updated their website design using Shopify as well as giving them access so they could update all of their content themselves, as previously they were reliant on their web designers. We also created a technical documents database and section for their customers to access files required, as well as a comprehensive dealer map.

3D Models & AR.

Shopify AR empowered BabyOnline to produce 3D models for augmented reality (AR) experiences. 3D models in AR have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages. 

Zyber worked with the beta version of 3D models for Louvretec, which enables Louvretec staff to showcase precisely what the new Louvre will look like on-site, and to-scale, via their iPhone or iPad . 

UX Design.

To improve the experience of Louvretec’s two primary personas: private residential users and architects, our team split the homepage into two sections: ‘for your home’ and ‘for architects’. This easy navigation significantly improved user experience and streamlined the customer journey.

louvretec website

Louvretec 3D Showcase
Old Website LouvreTec
New Website LouvreTec

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