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Tiger Turf is a global brand manufacturing synthetic turf for sports, commercial, and domestic settings. Tiger Turf approached Zyber with a lack of consistency in their branding and design. With websites in NZ, Australia, Singapore, USA, UK, and India, each region had a different design as they were managing the websites within each region, well, within each region. They lacked an inter-connected strategy and omni-present branding. Each website housed different images and a different portrayal of the services offered by Tiger Turf.

The Zyber Solution.

Our team of specialists at Zyber assisted Tiger Turf in creating a global uniform experience across all regions. With strategy and process in place, each region has an administrator who can update components that have been approved by the overarching marketing team at Tiger Turf. This gives Tiger Turf control of the user experience and branding on a global scale.

Buyer Personas.

Zyber dived into Tiger Turf’s data to uncover each website had around 4+ main personas. Our understanding of the buyer persona guided the updates made to the website, ensuring the site experience was optimised for those most likely to convert. Immediately, club owners can easily navigate to the sports category, principals to the education tab, builders to landscape, architects to architectural pages, DIY people to the domestic tab, and so on.

Tiger Turf Website Home Page

By understanding the primary customer personas, our designers were able to strategically craft a website that features case studies for each type of sport. The user is easily able to view case studies relating to golf, hockey, gyms, bowls, cricket, rugby, and so on.

Tiger Turf Tiles of Sports

Custom Video Feature.

Our skilled developers customised an interactive video feature that enables users to view Tiger Turf’s product in context. This is particularly useful for sports categories and has been a popular feature on their new website.

Tiger Turf Video Embedded

Imbedded Video on Tiger Turf Website

TigerTurf 3D Showcase

Before & After.

Before & After.
Before & After.

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