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Mr. Henry Cherries

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 Christmas Miracle.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the team at Mr. Henry Cherries knew that they needed a website that would allow seamless checkout for customers and ease of access to orders on the backend. When an existing web provider could no longer support Mr. Henry Cherries over their busiest season, it was time to bring in the experts. With an unbelievably short time frame, the Zyber team stepped in to build a beautiful, reliable and functional website ready to serve Kiwis over the Christmas and Summer holidays. Was it a Christmas miracle? No, just the Zyber team doing their thing.

A Custom Web App Designed, Developed and Live in just 4 Weeks?.

Yeah, we did that.

In just 4 weeks, the Zyber team were put to work to provide a solution. There were 3 main parts to this project. 

  1. The Website – Building the framework and designing what the customer sees when landing on the website. 
  2. A custom Web App
  3. Custom order form which seamlessly integrated with Shopify.

Part 1. The Website

The website is a simple one product site. The Zyber team designed the new site to be more modern, clean and removed all unnecessary preexisting pages. 

Part 2. A Custom Web App

One of the brilliant features of Shopify is the plethora of powerful apps that can be added to your store to complete endless functions. Depending on what is required, these apps can be brilliant, but when requirements are specific, the monthly subscription fees can be expensive. So, instead of installing a bunch of apps and adding excessive costs to the Mr. Henry team, Zyber stepped in and created their own custom web app to complete the work of 5 apps in just one. Pretty impressive right?

The custom web app performs all of these tasks,

  1. Allows staff to view all orders on a certain delivery day or certain order day, 
  2. Allows staff to set the number of boxes of cherries available for each production day
  3. Create coupon codes to send to GrabOne each year for a number of promotions.
  4. To generate a picklist for the orders for each day
  5. NZ Post integration to produce packing labels for all the orders
  6. Validates coupon codes by checking if they have or have not been used, and display the corresponding messages eg, “Success” or “Already been used”. 
  7. Customer can alter their delivery date or address up to 3 days before delivery.

Part 3. Getting the custom web app talking to Shopify

Web Code

The custom app built by the Zyber team was connected to Shopify and pulls through all the orders and coupons from the store. Zyber built a one-page order form that allows a customer to pick their delivery date – These are also colour coded to allow clear communication about stock availability: available (green), almost sold out (orange) or sold out (grey box).

Customer can enter their coupon code if they have one – This is connected to the app to check that it has not previously been used. 

If the customer is purchasing via credit card, then they can buy up to 24 kg of cherries. 

The address is also entered here, and this is where we need the NZ Post address checker to suggest only valid NZ addresses.


Once the order form is completed, the customer is sent to the Shopify checkout and once the order is placed this is fed through to the custom app. 

They also receive a Unique URL, in their order confirmation email, if they want to change their details. This needs to be connected to the order number in the app so that the correct details are updated.    

 Despite only have 4 weeks from initial consultation to setting the website live, the Zyber team has once again proved how talented they are. 

The Results?

Mr. Henry Cherries were up and running with their new site just in time for their busiest period. Their new custom app meant that they spent more time fulfilling orders instead of seeking support for the system, their orders came in quicker and were dispatched to their customers in record time. Everybody loves a fresh box of cherries in the summertime!

Our custom app proved highly successful and processed 6,966 orders seamlessly in just two months. 

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