A full re-platform to drive ROI.

Playtech are well known for their 30 years of building NZ gaming systems. Originally on Magento 1.8, they were considering a move to Magento 2.0 and were advised it was the best option for their eCommerce strategy. Their relationship with their previous agency included  a retainer model, however the bulk of this retainer was spent on system support tickets to make the website functional, rather than improvements that would add value to their business. Playtech reached out to Shopify Plus to explore their options, who recommended to touch base with Zyber and have the project scoped. With any replatforming project like this it is important to ensure that all the bases are covered.


Zyber Solution

From the outset, there was a good synergy between Zyber and Playtech. This was not only because of Zyber’s expertise using Shopify, but also in the way Zyber could invest Playtech’s monthly retainer to focus on conversion rather than ad hoc bug fixes. Our eCommerce experts executed a full re-platform to Shopify Plus. We made use of an existing Shopify theme to save on initial build costs and use Playtech’s budget on the things that would increase ROI. As Playtech wanted to manage the website themselves, Shopify was a no brainer as it would provide a positive experience for both the Playtech team and their customers.


Playtech are the first customer to use Cin7 inventory management software. The Cin7 founder Danny sat in their office and coded the inventory management system. When Playtech moved to Zyber, they had a complicated Cin7 setup which connected to many different technology suppliers in New Zealand. Zyber’s developers custom-built a Cin7 integration to ensure that stock levels and availability were always accurate for the end user. This enhanced the user experience as it enabled the end user to check product availability and then place an order, which is in some instances is shipped directly from the supplier to the customer.

Because of the nature of the technology industry, Playtech needed the ability  to integrate with many different finance companies and payment options. Zyber integrated these into their Shopify Plus store using the checkout API’s.



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