SRW Laboratories

SRW Laboratories

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A high quality product needs a superior quality site.

SRW PreviewSRW or Science Research Wellness creates science-based nutraceuticals target at fighting the signs of aging.

The Brief: SRW wanted a beautiful, functional eCommerce website that showcases their premium product and effectively communicates the level of scientific research behind each product. The goal of the website is to educate and inform visitors and customers, as well as provide in-depth scientific research to establish SRW as thought leaders within their industry. The site needed to seamlessly integrate with a powerful CRM system as well as a review app to drive social proof and UGC. As with any project completed by ZYber, the site is developed with an enormous amount of data-driven design and process. The SRW site is developed on Shopify to drive high conversion rates and ensure the consumer experience and journey is seamless and enjoyable.

The Zyber Solution.

Each of the products sold by SRW is backed by a wealth of scientific research that truly sets it apart from competitors. Effectively communicating key ingredients and scientific research to a customer on the site was key. Working with the designs from SRW, the ZYber team developed a site that shared all of this information on the product page without overwhelming the consumer. Each key piece of information is clearly communicated, aided by visual queues and shared in an interesting way visually.


SRW Descriptions

Overall, the final result is a sleek, sophisticated and conversion-driven site worthy of a premium product.

SRW Laboratories

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