3 More Tempting Reasons to Upgrade Your Plan Today.

3 More Tempting Reasons to Upgrade Your Plan Today.

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3 More Tempting Reasons to Upgrade Your Plan Today

Our clients on the $79 plan are using these tools to boost their revenue.
And even broaden their business outside New Zealand.

With today’s tools you’ll learn how to:

Easily recover abandoned checkouts
Analyse & target your audience based on location
See how well your marketing campaigns are performing
All within the Shopify dashboard!

They’re reaching new heights.
Keep reading to find out how you can too 🙂

1) Abandoned Cart Recovery

People get distracted when they’re online. Maybe their lunch break finished, the baby started crying, or their friend just popped over for a visit.

That doesn’t mean they’re no longer interested though!

A reminder email saying that they’ve left your product behind may be all they need.

But it could also be your site that’s turning people off…
Don’t worry though – it’s an easy fix!

The number #1 reason people abandon at checkout is unexpected shipping costs. If you didn’t mention the cost of shipping at any point before checkout, you’re leaving money on the table.

Because if people can’t easily find your shipping info & costs on your site, the patient users will go all the way to checkout to see how much shipping will be. But everyone else has already left because it’s too much effort.

The 2nd reason is that you didn’t offer a payment method type that suits them. Usually most stores will only offer Paypal. But this isn’t always a smooth process for those unfamiliar with Paypal.

You could also offer Shopify Payments, Stripe, Polipay (NZ & AU), or even a laybuy option.

The 3rd reason people leave – they ran into trouble. Their card may have declined, or your payment provider may have been throwing a tanty.

How to get them to come back:

Offer a soon-to-expire discount code in your abandoned checkout email
Include ‘Your order will only be reserved for the next 2 hours’
Ask if they had any trouble checking out & mention how to contact you


2) Visitors by Campaign

By using the Visitors from Marketing Campain report, you get a glance of all your analytics in one place.

Meaning you don’t have to login to Facebook, Google Analytics, or your email marketing provider to check your results. You can see the results of your campaigns within Shopify.

If you split test your email marketing campaigns, or send Booster emails (another copy of the same email but different headline if recipent doesn’t open the first one) – you can see which version encourages shoppers to click through to your site.

For one of our clients, the Booster emails were always the higher converting email!

How to improve your campaigns:

Use Google’s URL builder for links you want to track in emails and ads
Give each campaign a clear title, or at least something you understand
Send upto 3 value emails (blog post, advice, solution to a problem etc.) before sending a promo email


3) Visitors by Location

You want to keep track of where you traffic is coming from so you can target them more specifically.

In the image above you can see that there are people interested from not only NZ, but China, Australia, the USA, and the UK as well.

With the Visitors by Location report, you can delve right down deep into the regions, cities, and towns of your traffic.

By using geotargeting you can target particular sales or deals to specific countries.You may have come across some websites that have a banner saying “Yes, we ship to NZ! Get free shipping on orders over $50.”

You could offer free shipping to NZ, and have free shipping on orders over $100 for Australia shoppers. You could even have special bulk deals that show for buyers in China only.

You can also have a site dedicated to each major country. This allows for language differences and lets the customer feel like you’re a local, rather than international site.

How to advertise to your international market:

Advertise location-specific deals “Free Shipping to (country) today only!”
Rewrite your copy to match their country’s spelling & grammar
Hold sales for specific cities so it feels more relatable for your customer

How do I upgrade my plan?
Log in to your store and go to:
Settings ➜ Account ➜ Click the purple ‘Upgrade Plan’ button.

Want to chat?
If you want to talk to someone about upgrading your plan,
give us a call on +1510 646 8441 or 09 280 3680


Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter