3 Steps to Increase Sales with Facebook.

3 Steps to Increase Sales with Facebook.

Multi-channel Selling Coming Together

Late last year Facebook and Shopify came together and created a new Shop section for Facebook Business Pages. The new Shop section allows Shopify users to showcase and sell their products on Facebook. Shoppers can be directed to your online store, or they can purchase directly through the Facebook site or mobile app.

Unlike the Facebook Store app, the new Shop integration allows mobile users to view your products. This is important as most users are on their mobile when browsing Facebook.

The old Facebook Store app would only add a Shop tab on your page, whereas the new Shop section features on your front page, giving your products a lot more visibility. The new Shop section also allows Facebook users to subscribe to you, meaning they’ll be notified when you list new products.

Purchasing through Facebook is a safe and secure process for both the shopper and merchant. Shoppers can also choose to have their payment information saved with Facebook, making future purchases incredibly easy.


3 Steps to Get Set Up with Facebook Shop

1.     Log in to Shopify -> click Facebook. Go to Account.

2.     Connect your Facebook account to Shopify.

3.     Click on Shop. Double check that your collections are showing, and you can also see how your Shop will look on both desktop and mobile.


How the Shop Works for My Store

Being able to have my Shop on Facebook has meant that my products get a lot more exposure with minimal effort on my part. As a merchant it also allows me to share products or collections from my store with a click of a button.

It also allows potential customers to view my products without having to leave the comfort of Facebook. By being on the same platform as the user, it also makes it easy for them to ‘like’, share or comment on something they like in my Facebook Shop.

As a result, one third of my sales are generated from the Shop on my Facebook page!


Here’s how the Shop looks on my Facebook Page


If you would like to learn more about Shopify join our Shopify NZ Facebook Group! We also have an international group for those who aren’t in New Zealand, you can join here Shopify Worldwide Facebook Group.

If you would like some help getting set up or have any further questions, feel free to contact the team here at Zyber.

Content written by Stephani Lord-Harman for Zyber.