4 Helpful Tips When Redesigning Your Website.

4 Helpful Tips When Redesigning Your Website.

If you want the redesign of your website to bring you positive returns, you will need to carefully plan the process and ensure that it stays goal-oriented. If you decide to work together with a web designer, you will need to know why you are making the changes to your site. This could be because you want to simplify the checkout process for your customers, change the way your site looks in general or modify it so that it attracts more leads.

Get a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with the redesign, and consult with your Account Manager for advise. Once you have a solid foundation set up, you can then move ahead with these steps:

1. Set up the most important metrics

You will want to know just how successful your redesign was. This means you will need to set up some targets you want to meet. Check out your site’s current metrics, like the amount of user engagement, sales you’re making and the success of your SEO efforts, before you redesign and after. This will allow you to see just how your efforts have paid off. All Zyber websites are equipped with Google Analytics to accurately track a wide range of website metrics. 

2. Make changes to your main assets

A good website is here to showcase your brand to the world. When you are planning your overall redesign, find out exactly which keywords are used to get you the most traffic so that you can put them in the new content. Also, you should consider any current assets that you have, like infographs, professional photography, whitepapers, sales copies, etc. that you will want to move over to your new site and make changes to them as necessary. Ensure all content, whether it be text or images, is current and relevant to any changes that may have occured in your business. 

3. Know who your audience is and talk to them

You obviously want to appeal to your business’ target audience, but you will first need to find out who that is. One way to better learn about your audience is to establish a customers persona and navigate your site from their point view. Is it easy to use? Is information easy to understand for someone outside of your industry?

Also try getting direct feedback from customers. If you know someone has visited your website recently, ask them how their experience was and try to identify areas for improvement.

4. Make thorough tests of your designs before they go live

Before the redesigned site goes live, you should test it out. This will allow you to catch any possible errors or problems so that you can work with your developer to make quick corrections. You don’t want to launch a site that is buggy or contains errors in the copy, for example. Send out links to co workers, friends and family. It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes to analyse your content.