Do you have the right integrations in place?.

Do you have the right integrations in place?.

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Do you have the right integrations in place?

On this week’s episode, we were joined by Jeffrey Atizado, CEO at SMB ConsultantsZyber has a long-standing relationship with SMB Consultants, a cloud-based integrator that implements better processes to future proof retail stores.


What is the role of a cloud integrator? 

SMB Consultants provide support for inventory based businesses, therefore, they bridge the gap between merchants and bookkeepers. They analyse people, platforms, and processes within a business to manage integrations, and ensure online and retail stores sync. If your bookkeeper is managing different systems and stock through your eCommerce website, retail store and BNPL payments, it may be costing time and money without realising.


Watch this week’s episode as our eCommerce experts discuss how a cloud integrator will save time through automation, increase sales and also future proof your retail business.



Top 4 reasons you should use a cloud integrator:

Save time and money 

SMB Consultants have been around for over 10 years. They are a platform agnostic business offering advice and implementing processes for retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses. As the original cloud integrator, they have lasting networking with relationships with Apple, app developers and accounting platforms. As a result, they are a powerhouse when it comes to implementing efficient systems. You can save time and money spent on navigating these business logistics and focus on growing your business. 


Support people and processes 

SMB Consultants have the skills and relationships to integrate your platform partners such as Xero and Apple, support network and team to optimise efficiencies for your business. Due to this, they enable seamless integration and clear communication across the whole integration process.


Find efficiencies for your business

SMB Consultants have worked with many retail and wholesale businesses. Because of this, they have a deep understanding on what works, and what doesn’t. There is no one size fits all system so they will focus specifically on what your business does. As a result, they will define workflows that work across your platforms and implement the processes for you.



SMB Consultants have a 5 step process to ensure they focus on a unique integration that benefits each individual business. Therefore, they focus on adding value through efficiencies, not just installing an integration into your business.  


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