Unpicking Shopify Scripts & Flows.

Unpicking Shopify Scripts & Flows.

Unpicking Shopify Scripts & Flows

Do you keep hearing the buzz words Shopify ‘Flow’ and ‘Scripts’ and want to know more? 

In this episode our Shopify Experts Leo and Waldo answer it all: What they are? Who are they for? How can you leverage these to enhance your eCommerce store?

Listen to this episode to see how these features can improve your business from customer experience, risk management, discounts and more!



Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow templates are available on Shopify Plus as well as the Advanced plan. Flows are here to help merchants automate workflows by removing friction on repetitive tasks, and focusing on creating growth. 

Here are some examples of the business areas you can automate through Shopify Flow:

  • Buyer experience
  • Customer management
  • Inventory and merchandising
  • Risk management
  • Loyalty & retention
  • Promotions

Read our blog to find out more about Shopify Flows.

Shopify Flow


Shopify Scripts and the Script Editor

This feature is only available for Shopify plus merchants, however in this episode we cover alternative solutions if you are not on Plus. Shopify Scripts are small pieces of code that give developers the freedom to create their own customisations across the shopping cart and checkout. By using Scripts, merchants can optimise checkouts, enhance their customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Here are a few examples of eCommerce checkout optimisations to increase conversions:

  • Buy one, give one bundle
  • Free gift or discount with purchase 
  • Choose your own discount
  • First time customer or new subscriber discount
  • Tiered pricing for bulk purchases
  • Local delivery

You can read the full article here.

Shopify Scripts