6 Factors That Could KILL Your Business Website.

6 Factors That Could KILL Your Business Website.

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1. Poor Visual Design

Everyone knows the importance of first impressions. Our behaviour, appearance and how we present ourselves is being criticised the moment we walk in for a job interview or a first date. The same goes for your website, its visual design has a big impact on the impressions of your visitors.

Poorly designed websites that don’t grasp basic visual elements can kill user engagement and turn visitors away from your business. We have all visited sites where we were so thrown off by the visuals that we didn’t even look at the message. Don’t let that be your website.


2. Insufficient Reviews and Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to create trust and improve your business credibility. They show your company’s track record of meet and exceed the expectations of your customers. While you don’t have to blow your own horn, the absense of public recommendation can create doubt in potential customers.


3. Outdated Information

In many cases, outdated information is more harming to your business than no information at all. If the first thing someone sees when they visit your site in 2014, is a news article from 2010, it is going to tell them that either your business is behind the times – or possibly no longer operational!

Show potential customers that you value your online business and the relevancy of your information, by keeping all your content relevant and up to date.


4. Not Being Mobile Friendly

Mobile Website Design is just a given at this point. If your website currently looks great on a desktop computer, but not-so-great on an iPhone, pick up said iPhone, and use it to call your web developer.

Zyber did a recent case study, where up to 47% of a websites traffic was coming from users on mobile devices. When people are out and about, having to pinch, pan and zoom to use your site is a sure way to make sure they close it and never bother visiting it again.


5. Hard-to-find Contact Information

You know the feeling when you’re shopping, found something that you like and you can’t find a single salesperson to ask for assistance? That’s the feeling that you give to your customers when they can’t find your contact information on your website. And unlike real-world shops, it takes only a matter of seconds to return to Google and find another business.

Make sure contact information, forms, shopping carts and any other conversion opportunities are readily available so you can answer customer questions and engage them in your business right away.


6. Pesky Sign-ups

Requiring a sign-up from a visitor before he or she can access your website is annoying, no two ways about it. It acts as a barrier between your customer and your products which can stop them from engaging with your business. Online shoppers are hesitant to give out their personal information today due to fear of fraud or spam. Putting a sign-up even before they get the chance to see what you have to offer raises questions about your businesses intentions.

Collecting customer data is important, but be graceful about it. There are plenty of methods of form serving that are natural and nonintrusive.

If you have had your website for a while and have any questions about its effectiveness and the user experience it creates – don’t hesitate to speak with a professional. A website review with a Zyber consultant can give you the insight needed to make informed updates to your online business.