Create Flash-Sales & Save Time with Launchpad and Shopify Plus.

Create Flash-Sales & Save Time with Launchpad and Shopify Plus.

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Launch Flash-Sales Like a Pro

Events like flash-sales are the lifeblood of eCommerce. We’re talking about high-volume sales and generating a great cash-flow – two things always at the forefront of our minds in eComm.

Events like launching a new product, or kickstarting a new campaign, can also be an incredible amount of tedious work. Late-night work evenings spring to mind – labouring over time-consuming activities and prep work to ensure everything runs smoothly and the sale goes off without a hitch.

At Zyber we’re about doing things differently – like scaling digital business with a splash of brilliance and outside-of-the-box thinking. That includes looking at how we handle growth, and times of high volume sales. Working smarter, not harder.

Enter Launchpad.

Launchpad is an app that works with Shopify Plus to schedule sales and promotions across every channel.

Campaigns. Flash sales. New product launches. All automated for a simplified and low-risk execution.

Keen to take your late-night to-do list and put it on auto-pilot?

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The Pre-Launch Headache

Fuelling those late-night campaign launches is a to-do list a mile long. We’re talking manual labour that you couldn’t (previously) get past doing. You’ve got a checklist with hundreds of actions to cross-off and it all has to happen smoothly. The real kicker comes when you have to take your store offline for an hour to get the sales theme up, or publish a campaign – not something anyone enjoys doing.

Launchpad takes those frustrations and turns your high-volumes sales into a streamlined process. The buzz returns, the products fly from your digital shelves. Your energy returns, as do your nights with your family (away from your laptop).

Launchpad: Handling Events Like a Pro

Launchpad is an automation app with Shopify Plus that handles all of your events like a pro – sales, product releases, campaigns – you name it.

If you’re keen to take the stress out of your sales we highly recommend sitting down with a digital specialist and discussing Launchpad for your business.

You’re in Control

We are all about streamlining your opportunities and delivering an all-round smooth customer experience. That’s where automation comes in; why do something manually, when you can create a simple, automated action that always delivers the exact results you’re after?

Schedule everything during normal work hours, and let Launchpad do the work for you automatically while you sit back and watch the sales roll in.

This tool (exclusive for Shopify Plus merchants) allows you to schedule, manage, and implement major commerce events, all in advance. 

  •       Release special-edition products
  •       Update inventory across channels
  •       Apply discounts to specific products and entire collections
  •       Design campaign themes and schedule the changes
  •       Automate checkout captcha to prevent those pesky bots from placing orders

Then, once your event is over, roll it back instantly and revert all the changes back to normal.

Campaign late-nights become a thing of the past – these automations reduce, and eliminate, the complications of running online events. Sales once again become a streamlined opportunity for your brand to grow, without the added hassle and stress.

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Drive Conversions

With Launchpad you have complete control. Create a streamlined customer experience and increase CRO by designing campaign themes that automatically roll out as soon as your sale goes live. Scheduling front-end customisations delivers a smooth customer experience from product page, through to checkout.

  •       Put the spotlight on your featured products
  •       Make it easy for customers to find new inventory
  •       Draw attention to special discounts and exclusive sales

In the past, launching a new product line could mean hours spent working frantically behind the scenes to manually change homepage images, videos, and taking new collections live. With Launchpad, you can pre-plan and automate entire product launches, and schedule all of those events to roll-out, and back, automatically.

Need to dive into a slightly more complicated aspect of your launch? It’s covered with your Launchpad integration – the solution lies in further automation for even the most complex events.

  •       Change product prices for a predetermined time frame
  •       Auto-publish select products to your online store, or across multiple sales channels
  •       Increase inventory levels at the start of an event
  •       Build hype and anticipation by locking your store prior to your sales event
  •       Highlight exactly what customers should see with scheduled creative changes and even further theme customisations

Need to work on merchandising during your event?

Release specific products, update inventory, or activate a collection discount when your sale starts. Focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business by putting your event on autopilot. Everything is pre-planned, for perfect execution.

Next Generation Reporting

We wouldn’t be the digital specialists we are without looking into the live reporting and data that comes with Launchpad. Data is the pinnacle guide when it comes to running campaigns – telling you where your sales have hit the mark, and where you can improve and optimize for next time.

The analytics on Launchpad are highlighted by the real-time monitoring and live reporting offered. It’s like a command centre where you can watch your major ecommerce events take shape – a place where customer-facing automation and reporting meet.

The real-time monitoring includes data on your top-selling products, total orders, and total sales. Use these analytics to plan future events and monitor your events performance; easily analyse and report on total sales and orders placed, inventory levels, and average order values.

The live dashboard allows you to make real-time adjustments to boost sales – it’s efficient, which means you’re saving time for you and your team. That time can go straight back into working on other avenues of your business, like mining that incredible data for patterns and planning improvements for your next event.


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Want to create an additional element of personalization during your event? Launchpad also allows you to apply additional discounts during an event by scheduling Shopify Scripts, to run only for the duration of your campaign.

  •       Discount products with specific tags
  •       Run promotions such as buy 2, get 1 free
  •       Develop line-item scripts to offer a gift with purchase.
  •       Apply free shipping when a customer spends over $100.

Use Launchpad to schedule, coordinate, and execute your high-volume events. Track your success by viewing the app’s real-time, analytic dashboard, and roll back site changes automatically when your event ends.

Time to put Launchpad to work for your next big campaign?

Save time automating major sales events. Talk to a digital specialist today.