eCommerce & cryptocurrency. Where is it headed?

eCommerce & cryptocurrency. Where is it headed?

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What is the future of cryptocurrency & eCommerce?

At the moment it feels a bit like we can’t escape Cryptocurrency! Everyone’s talking about it, customers are paying with it and new crypto coins are being minted every single day. What even is Crypto? How does it work? And why should we be on top of it all in eCommerce? We thought we’d add our 2 cents (pun intended) to the conversation, as best as we could.

This week our eCommerce experts catch up and try to wrap our heads around Cryptocurrency and NFTs and try our best to explain it to you!  
Whilst we might not be cryptocurrency experts, we can absolutely see how it is rapidly changing things in eCommerce.  

Did you know that by allowing the use of Cryptocurrency through your Shopify store you’ll enable;

  • Lighting fast transactions
  • Low processing fees
  • No chargebacks
  • Local and international transactions – Accept payment from wherever!
  • Payment conversion to any fiat currencies such as NZD or USD.

In this episode we break down;

  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • What is Blockchain?
  • How to use Crypto on your eCommerce platform?
  • What information is stored in Cryptocurrency? 
  • How does this work with Tax?
  • What transaction fees are involved? 
  • What is an NFT? 

Have you started using and investing in Cryptocurrency? What are your thoughts on the future of currency and eCommerce?

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