eCommerce Growth Strategy.

eCommerce Growth Strategy.

eCommerce Growth Strategy

Long term strategy = long term growth. Where do you want to be tomorrow?


Already on Shopify but looking to scale your omnichannel for growth? This episode is for you. Meet David Visser, Key Account Manager for the Growth Strategy team here at Zyber. This episode focuses on thought leadership; what do merchants need to include long after their eCommerce website is live, and when should you consider creating a long-term agency partnership?

From reviews, segmentation, and developing email marketing, David shares insider tips for merchants who are looking to take it up a notch.



What is Growth Strategy?

Firstly, our monthly Growth Strategy packages give you on-demand access to our team of Shopify experts to keep your eCommerce store thriving and continually grow your business. From split testing, to segmentation and developing email marketing, we’re here to implement proven successful strategies and therefore, help you to reach your business goals.

Our Growth Strategy team is here to help you on an ongoing basis. Monthly support services on Shopify with priority access to our Shopify Developers, skilled designers, email and SEO strategists whenever you need them.

You’ll have a dedicated strategist to work one on one with you to map and execute your goals and also continue to scale your eCommerce store. With flexible hours to use every month, you can use them across all of our eCommerce services. Find our more here.

Ultimately, bigger conversion rates mean bigger ROI for your business.