Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting Reviews with Okendo for BedsRus

Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting Reviews with Okendo for BedsRus


BedsRus, the largest independent bedding group in New Zealand, partnered with Zyber, a top-rated Shopify Plus agency, to improve their customer review collection process and enhance their overall customer experience. The key to this transformation was the implementation of Okendo, a customer marketing platform that creates stronger connections between consumers and the brands they love.

The Challenge

Most customers want to feel and see the product pre-purchase which means the majority of sales are in-store. Prior to the implementation of Okendo, BedsRus faced two significant challenges. First, they were unable to collect reviews from in-store customers, and their online customer reviews were minimal. Second, BedsRus offers up to 18 different configurations per bed, such as size and base combinations. This made it difficult for customers to navigate reviews and find relevant information about the specific product configuration they were interested in. 

The Solution

Zyber strategists implemented Okendo and created a Typeform integration into Klaviyo to collect in-store customer data. As BedsRus is a franchise business many stores operate using a different POS system can now submit basic details about customers through this form, which streamlined the process and made it more efficient. As a result, BedsRus was able to invite their in-store customers to leave a review about the incredible new bed they have purchased.

Okendo also solved the challenge of product configuration reviews. It allowed reviews of similar products to be grouped together, providing a more user-friendly experience for customers.

In addition, Zyber built a Klaviyo flow based on customer data. This enabled customers to view the product range associated with their purchase, regardless of whether they bought in-store or online. By capturing this data, BedsRus was able to segment their customers and send relevant communications to the right audience. For example, their team is now able to send customer-specific warranty information.

Okendo has a great built-in rewards engine that allows the issuing of coupons and loyalty points for further discount codes however due to the nature of the products sold by the client - this type of loyalty reward isn’t overly relevant so instead, Zyber created a strategy where BedsRus incentivises merchants by entering a draw to win a set of pillows each month, which then encourages customers to leave a review.

The Results

The implementation of Okendo and the strategies developed by Zyber led to impressive results. BedsRus was able to collect 1300+ reviews with an average rating of 4.8. This not only boosted their online reputation but also provided valuable insights for potential customers. This data is now synced back to both Google Shopping & Google SEO which means a higher click-through.

the results with bedrus meta update

Google Shopping Ads are highly effective at bringing more qualified traffic to your site and reaching more people with their visual appeal, and adding reviews to your Google Shopping adds trust and credibility to increase CTR and decrease CPC,

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The Okendo platform, known for building "customers for life," lived up to its reputation by helping BedsRus build stronger customer relationships. The platform's ability to generate high-impact social proof using advanced automations, personalized rewards, and user-friendly review capture experiences played a significant role in the increased number of reviews.


The partnership between BedsRus, Zyber, and Okendo demonstrates the power of strategic digital solutions in enhancing customer experience and boosting online reputation. The success of this case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Okendo in building stronger customer relationships and driving conversions through the power of authentic user-generated content (UGC).