The Meat Box and GoGenerosity - A Partnership for Positive Impact

The Meat Box and GoGenerosity - A Partnership for Positive Impact

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The Meat Box, an online butcher based in New Zealand, has always been about more than just delivering high-quality meat to its customers. Their commitment to community and social responsibility is evident in their partnership with GoGenerosity & Bellyful, a charity that provides free meals to families in need with babies or young children. This case study explores how The Meat Box, with the help of GoGenerosity and Zyber, has made a positive impact on the community.

The Meat Box: More Than an Online Butcher 

Pay it forward to Bellyful with The Meat Box

The Meat Box is a family-owned business that sources its products from New Zealand farms, ensuring the freshest and highest quality meat for its customers. But their commitment doesn't stop at providing great products. They believe in the power of a good meal to bring families together and set them up for success. This belief led them to support Bellyful, a charity that shares the same values. 

Supporting Bellyful with GoGenerosity

Supporting Bellyful with GoGenerosity

To facilitate their support for Bellyful, The Meat Box turned to GoGenerosity, a platform that allows businesses to integrate charitable giving into their online shopping experience.

With the GoGenerosity widget, customers at The Meat Box can easily round-up their order by $2 at checkout. 100% of this donation goes towards providing ingredients for Bellyful.

This simple yet effective system has made it easy for The Meat Box's customers to contribute to a worthy cause, turning an everyday purchase into an act of generosity.


The partnership between The Meat Box, GoGenerosity, and Zyber demonstrates the power of businesses and charities working together for a common cause.

Zyber recent partnership with GoGenerosity means an easy integration of the GoGenerosity widget for the online checkout process, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for customers who wish to donate.