Google Reveals New AdWords Features #StepInsideAdWords.

Google Reveals New AdWords Features #StepInsideAdWords.

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Google AdWords is one of the easiest, most readily available ways to advertise your website, gain exposure, and generate clicks and conversions. Google has recently announced the addition of three important features that aim to make this marketing tool even more powerful. We’re really excited about the ways in which these features will increase the potential of AdWords! Here’s a rundown on what we have found out from Aprils #StepInsideAdwords presentation.


Improved Mobile Ads

Google is launching a new app feature that will be added to the existing AdWords advertising tool. This new component will give users the opportunity to dedicate attention to the potential of their mobile presence. Advertisers will be able to serve apps to users based on the types of apps that they have downloaded and how often they use them.


Better Reporting

One of the most valuable tools offered by AdWords is the ability to view your conversions and what led to them. With new features, Google is stepping up their game in the analytics department. New features will allow users to view their total estimated conversions, calculated from across multiple devices.


Enhanced Efficiency Tools

New features will increase workflow, lead to better reporting, and enhance optimization. With advanced tools, AdWords users can get a better idea of which aspects of their marketing are most effective. It will also be even easier to make a quick change to the entire advertising campaign. New features will also offer users the benefits of automated bidding for conversions. All of these upgrades are designed to make help users maximize their success with AdWords.


Each of these new features are designed to greatly improve the entire online marketing and advertising experience. With even more detailed feedback and increased reach, Google AdWords users can gain valuable exposure and feedback. With the help of AdWords, users can see exactly what is and is not working.