Grow a brand with lifecycle marketing - Part 1.

Grow a brand with lifecycle marketing - Part 1.

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Grow a brand with lifecycle marketing

Unleash growth and get a 90x ROI with Klaviyo’s email marketing.

In this two part episode, Waldo and David are joined by Robert Gibson, Lead Partnerships APAC at Klaviyo and Alexander Babich, Founder of Kulani Kinis. Marketers need to get smart about how they interact with their customers. They need to leverage this data to create enhanced experiences. Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that enables this. The platform empowers brands to turn customer transactions into long-term relationships at scale.

Alex and his wife started Kulani Kinis as a passion project. 8 years later they reported $21m of revenue in one financial year. The brand is a long-term user of Klaviyo, testing its limits. As a result, they see 30-40% of their business coming through Klaviyo.

Watch part 1 as Robert and Alex deep dive into how Klaviyo can assist with growing your database, providing better experiences across the customer lifecycles, and turn transactions into long-term customers. Part 2 will be released next week. The team chat about how SMS can compliment email marketing, as well as how to prepare for it.



4 key reasons to use Klaviyo:


1. Segmentation & Flows 

Firstly, Klaviyo allows marketers to leverage their data. They can segment their customers based on behaviours, interests and personal characteristics. As a result, brands can send the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Secondly, Klaviyo flows are a series of personalised, automated communication that are initiated by a specific trigger. They are powerful for initiating and nurturing relationships across the customer lifecycle. 


2. Optimisation

The A/B feature of Klaviyo eliminates the guesswork from each flow. A/B testing enables each campaign to be analysed and optimised by comparing subject lines, content and send times. Additionally, A/B testing reduces risk, and increases conversion rates. It does this by providing data-driven insights for brands to leverage across their ongoing marketing activities. 


3. Benchmarking

Klaviyo offers brands valuable insight into how their flows compare to others specific to their industry. The platform aggregates thousands of customers with different purchasing traits. Therefore, brands can track how they are performing against competitors and where they can focus their efforts.


4. Integrations

Lastly, Klaviyo integrates with multiple applications across the eCommerce ecosystem. As a result, these help to prove seamless and relevant communications to the right customers at the right time. Through the use of flows across these integrations, brands can simplify processes and streamline their omnichannel solution. Therefore, multiple touch points across the customer lifecycle can be synchronised. 


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