Grow a brand with lifecycle marketing - Part 2.

Grow a brand with lifecycle marketing - Part 2.

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It’s our Season 4 finale!

How do you prepare for SMS marketing? Secondly, how does it compliment email marketing? How do you engage with the right customers at the right time?

In this two part episode, our eCommerce experts Waldo and David are joined by Robert Gibson, Lead Partnerships APAC at Klaviyo and Alexander Babich, Founder of Kulani Kinis. Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that also enables brands to turn customer transactions into long-term relationships at scale.

Alex and his wife started Kulani Kinis as a passion project. 8 years later they reported $21m of revenue in one financial year. The brand is a long-term user of Klaviyo, and joins 10,000+ other brands using Klaviyo’s SMS features to engage with their customers.

Watch this episode as we discuss Klaviyo’s new features, as well as how you can leverage 2-way SMS marketing to take your customer experience to the next level.

If you haven’t already, check out part 1 as we look at how Klaviyo can assist with growing your database, providing better experiences across the customer lifecycles, and turning transactions into long-term customers.



New Klaviyo features:

Klaviyo One

Do you want a 280x average ROI with Klaviyo One? Klaviyo One is an enterprise platform to meet the needs of Klaviyo’s larger customers. Their initial offering is focused on service with their support designed to protect brands, ease integrations and lastly, empower developers. Read more about Klaviyo One.


Klaviyo SMS

Klaviyo’s SMS features aren’t available in APAC yet, however, brands in other regions are already reeping the benefits. SMS works hand in hand with email marketing at Klaviyo, therefore, is designed to help brands provide their customers with seamless communications. As a result, SMS marketing sends specific messages to the right people, at the right time. Read more about SMS marketing with Klaviyo.


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