How Billy + Margot Boosted AOV by 14.24% with Rebuy.

How Billy + Margot Boosted AOV by 14.24% with Rebuy.


Billy + Margot, a premium pet food brand, is on a mission to provide nutritious and delicious meals for our furry friends. However, they faced challenges in enhancing their customer experience and boosting their average order value (AOV). Their goals were clear: increase AOV, encourage customers to try new products, and highlight the benefits of their subscription service.

The Role of Rebuy’s Smart Cart

Rebuy's Smart Cart came to the rescue, offering a range of features that helped Billy + Margot customise their shopping experience. The user friendly design and the collaborative approach of the Rebuy team played a significant role in this transformation.

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Prompting Users to Upgrade to a Subscription.

Billy and Margot UK upgrade to subscription with Rebuy

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The introduction of personalised recommendations was a game changer for Billy + Margot. The in-cart recommendations feature not only helped boost AOV, but also encouraged customers to explore a wider range of products by leveraging Rebuy’s AI-recommendations endpoint to surface relevant product offers. The Switch-to-Subscription option was another significant addition, making it easy for customers to opt for a true 1-click subscription upgrade and receive a discount.

Results & Success Metrics

The implementation of Rebuy's Smart Cart led to a remarkable increase in Billy + Margot's AOV by 14.24%. The Switch-to-Subscription offer was particularly successful, leading to a significant increase in customer engagement and subscriptions:

  • 6% of Billy + Margot's revenue was being generated by Switch-to-Subscription over a 30-day period.
  • Rebuy's Switch-to-Subscription functionality generated ~57% of Billy + Margot’s new subscribers over a 30-day period 

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Rebuy's Smart Cart has proven to be a valuable asset for Billy + Margot, helping them enhance their customer experience and boost their business metrics. The success story of Billy + Margot serves as an inspiration for other businesses to consider implementing similar strategies.