How Google+ Can Help Your SEO Strategy.

How Google+ Can Help Your SEO Strategy.

Google Plus is more than just another social media platform. Being part of Googles ever expanding network of web tools, it has a number of benefits beyond being a way to interact with friends.


Authorship Markup

Gone are the days when anonymity on the internet is tolerated. Transparency is more preferred not only by businesses but also consumers. People trust what they can see. A brand name without a human face will be doubted or questionable. So when a visitor comes to your website, you should make him or her familiar with your product.

Personal branding will help you improve authority in your niche and highlight your ability to write. It will give you better visibility in search engines like Google and it will eliminate plagiarism too. With Google+, you can claim your authorship and connect it with your content.


Publisher Markup

This is very similar to authorship markup. The only difference is that instead of promoting an author of a content, it promotes the company. Google gives higher rankings to pages that have configured publisher markup. If you add a publisher link to your web site, it will efficiently brand your company. This can be configured in the same way as the authorship markup.



This was first made popular in Twitter in the purpose of organizing public conversation. Due to its popularity, other social media channels like Facebook and Google Plus followed suit. Hashtags are now used to signify a topic. Utilizing the hashtag will help with the social media distribution of your content.



Interaction with people that are in the Google communities is another way of effective online marketing. It’s important to be where your audience or users are because it improves your visibility. Google communities are usually topic-oriented where you can share your opinions and meet other people who have the same interest as you.