How to Set Up a Drip Campaign With Mailchimp.

How to Set Up a Drip Campaign With Mailchimp.

A drip campaign is a marketing technique also known as a nurture sequence.

A drip campaign nurtures prospects into paying customer by automatically sending out scheduled emails that educate the subscriber on your product or service.

Drip campaigns are a long-term, gradual process. These types of emails keep you or your product front of mind. And because you’re educating your subscribers rather than selling to them, it shows that you are an authoritative figure in your industry, someone they can trust.

Let’s take a look at how to set up a drip campaign using Mailchimp.


Clarify Your End Goal

What are you trying to achieve at the end of the day? Are you trying to convert prospects into customers, increase average order values, or maybe it’s to get people to pre-order your newest product.

Clarify your why in order to know what to write in your emails.

When you’ve done that, go ahead and click ‘Create a Campaign’, and then choose ‘Automation’.

If your type of automation isn’t an abandoned cart or review request, create a custom campaign.


Introduce Yourself & Welcome Them to The Family

Your subscribers are most interested in what you have to say when they first sign up. And they’ve signed up because something about your business or product resonated with them.

So now is the time to give a bit of background on you and your business. How did your business come to be? What makes you different to everyone else in your industry?

It’s also a nice touch to mention when your subscriber can expect to hear from you. If your next email is scheduled to be sent 2 days after the first one, let them know they’ll hear from you again in a couple of days.

It’s also a good idea to tease what the next email will include.

Break Down The Benefits of Your Product or Service

Now that you’ve sussed your welcome email, it’s time to start educating your subscribers on how your product/service can work for them.


You’ll want to keep the emails short, so stick to one benefit per email

For example, if you were selling a coffee machine, you might talk about how it saves you time & money in the long run. But you could talk about time saving in one email and dollar savings in the next.

It’s important to always promote your product in how it can help your subscriber. Don’t ramble on about specs, unless it’s backed up by a statement that explains what that means for the subscriber.


Analyse The Data Regularly

Because drip campaigns are continuous, it’s important to check on the stats regularly.

You’ll want to keep track of opens, clicks, conversions, and unsubscribes. If you’ve found your open rates to be high and click rates to be low, have a play with the wording.

If you’re finding a lot of people unsubscribing early on, your emails may be too ‘salesy’ and not educational enough.


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