How to stay resilient in business – Shaun Quincey

How to stay resilient in business – Shaun Quincey

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Shaun Quincey, a Journey Across the Tasman and staying resilient through rapid growth.

He’s known to Kiwis as the man who rowed solo all the way across the Tasman from the East Coast of Australia to the West Coast of NZ in 54 days. There’s no doubt that undertaking such a huge challenge would take a lot of mental strength and resilience. Shaun is also a FinTech Founder and CEO and at GM Buy Now Pay Later Latitude Financial Services.


So, who better to come on the podcast and talk to our eCommerce team, Waldo & Leo about how to stay resilient in business, his epic journey across the Tasman and what he’s seen change in the buy now pay later space online. We are so thankful for Shaun joining us today and we know that you’re going to love this episode. Shaun is an excellent story teller and has some incredible insight into the eCommerce space.



Listen to this episode to find out
  • Shaun’s biggest tips for staying resilient in business
  • How to tackle rapid growth
  • Stories from his time rowing across the Tasman
  • His experiences working within the FinTec space and the Buy Now Pay Later revolution.

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If you’d like to get in touch with Shaun you can do so through his LinkedIn profile here.