Zyber is among the Best Web Designers Auckland.

Zyber is among the Best Web Designers Auckland.

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We’re excited to be included on the Top Reviews list of the Best Web Designers in Auckland.



We’re proud to be recognised as a top service provider when it comes to eCommerce website design and Shopify Development. As leading Shopify Experts in Auckland, we truly love what we do day in and day out for our eCommerce clients.

Thanks to Top Reviews for including us in these roundups.! You can view the whole list here

They’ve also included us in their list of The Best Design Agencies in Auckland. 


Some of Our latest Shopify Development projects

1. BedsRus

3D Showcase Beds R Us

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus

Apps: Custom integration with Xero, Klaviyo, Bold,

Client Brief/ Problem: BedsRus needed an eCommerce solution, and fast when Covid hit New Zealand. As a physical retail store run on a franchise model, building a powerful eCommecre solution that emulated the in-person shopping experience was crucial to success.

Zyber Solution: Zyber delivered the BedsRus site in a record time frame. After initial

See the full BedsRus case study here


2. Vuse

Vuse website design Zyber

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus

App Integrations: Smile, Klaviyo, Yotpo,

Client Brief/ Problem: Vuse New Zealand was eager to move away from acquiring tickets for every site update, away from downtime for every site update or maintenance task, and away from the standard Magento look. Vuse also faced a number of limitations and challenges due to legislation relating to the selling and distribution of vaping products.

Zyber Solution:

Our team seamlessly migrated Vuse from Magento to the Shopify Plus platform. This meant no downtime during maintenance, control over their site (no more accumulated dockets or tickets), and a fresh new look. 

The cross migration was only the beginning though. Our analysis of the data showed many challenges, and opportunities, due to the nature of the product. Since there are so many restrictions around the selling and distribution of vaping products, particularly advertising and marketing, our team set out to create a site that would be:

  • Optimised for on-site advertising
  • Focused on user experience (UX) and customer engagement
  • Optimised for showcasing the product

To tackle the challenges and meet these objectives, our team developed a number of custom integrations. In fact, Vuse is a highly customised website in the back-end.

See the full Vuse case study here 

3. Mr. Henry Cherries
Mr Henry Cherries Showcase

eCommerce Platform: Shopify

App Integrations: Custom app development to enable an array of custom requirements

Client Brief/ Problem: With the Christmas season fast approaching, the team at Mr. Henry Cherries knew that they needed a website that would allow seamless checkout for customers and ease of access to orders on the backend. When an existing web provider could no longer support Mr. Henry Cherries over their busiest season, it was time to bring in the experts.

Zyber Solution: With an unbelievably short time frame, the Zyber team stepped in to build a beautiful, reliable and functional website ready to serve Kiwis over the Christmas and Summer holidays.

See the full Mr. Henry Cherries case study here

4. Redux

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus

App Integrations: Klaviyo,

Client Brief/ Problem: Redux wanted a website that allowed this customer to build the gaming PC that met all of their needs, within budget and made the entire process uncomplicated and fast.

Zyber Solution: Using Shopify Plus, Zyber well and truly stretched the capabilities of Shopify Plus so much so that you would never even know the site was built on there. Our incredible team of designers and developers created something amazing. When designing and building the Redux website, there was a huge focus on ease of use and ensuring every step of the customer journey was seamless, guided by custom visual aids to clearly communicate the computer specifications and cost.

See the whole Redux case study here