The Power of Social Proof – Okendo.

The Power of Social Proof – Okendo.

The power of social proof with Okendo.

The reviews are in, you need social proof for your eCommerce store. This week’s episode of Talk’n Shop we had Scott Goodman from Okendo join our Shopify experts. Scott is the Market Lead for APAC at Okendo, the leading review platform for fast-growing Shopify merchants. Trusted by 3000+ brands, an official Google Review Partner and rated 5-stars on the Shopify App store, Okendo is an absolute go-to recommendation for clients building a Shopify store. 

With competition soaring in 2020 within the eCommerce realm, it is getting more and more difficult and expensive to acquire a new customer. Okendo allows merchants to build shopper trust and excitement, showcase customer experiences and compel buying action.


Listen or watch this episode to find out

  • Why you should absolutely have reviews on your eCommerce store
  • The value in leveraging low hanging fruit to boost sales
  • Utilising User Generated Content (UGC) to share on your social accounts
  • How reviews help you to optimise your business processes and get real feedback from customers.
  • What automation are available within the Shopify ecosystem for Okendo users.


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A big thank you to Scott who was an excellent guest on the podcast. If you’d like to connect with Scott you can view his LinkedIn profile here.


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