Simone Anderson & Social Media Marketing.

Simone Anderson & Social Media Marketing.

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How should eCommerce merchants utilise Social Media Influencer Marketing?

For a lot of merchants selling online, getting your product noticed by the right audience can be a challenge. With so many avenues to advertise and often a strict budget, how do you choose where to spend it? 

In the last 5 years, the world of ‘Social Media Influencers’ and Influencer Marketing has grown unbelievably fast. I mean, who would have thought that someone could be paid over $1M just to post a photo to social media?

It’s no secret that when done right, working with an influencer to promote your product works. So, as an eCommerce merchant, how exactly do you go about contacting a content creator, what should you look for and what are your obligations? It can be a tricky business so we knew we had to bring in someone who knows the social media game like no other. 

Simone Anderson Zyber Podcast


She’s one of the biggest names in Social Media in New Zealand and Australia, building an audience 300,000 strong in just 6 years. Simone Anderson has grown a community online through sharing her raw and honest journey. She is a Number 1 Selling author, a business owner, a mother to be and an all-round wonderful human. 

We get asked from our clients how they should navigate the realm of influencer marketing and exactly how they should go about finding and engaging with a content creator to promote their products and services. 

That’s why we sat down with Simone to talk about 

  • Her growth online
  • How she likes to work with brands
  • The big No No’s for brands when it comes to reaching out to content creators
  • How she has found building her own eCommerce business and the hurdles she’s faced. 
  • Her top apps that are helping convert customers

Simone was an absolute delight in the studio and we are so thankful for her time and knowledge she shared with our Shopify experts

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