Top 21 SEO Strategies for 2021.

Top 21 SEO Strategies for 2021.

Want a highly successful SEO strategy? Here are 21 top tips to make your eCommerce site highly optimised for Google Search.


Well, we are now halfway through 2021, but there’s never a bad time to review your SEO strategy and performance. In this week’s episode, Waldo and Leo sit down to go through Moz’s list of 21 top tips for high performance SEO in 2021. They break down each tip and how they suggest you implement it into your strategy. 

As Shopify Experts, the team at Zyber know how important SEO is to a business and making sure your beautiful, powerful and conversion-driven Shopify store gets seen by customers. We hope this episode helps give you some great ideas of where to start smashing your competitors on the first page of Google. 


The Top 21 Tips discussed in this episode are;

  1. Favicon optimization
  2. Breadcrumb optimization
  3. Meta descriptions
  4. Numbers in titles
  5. <Title> boilerplate
  6. FAQ and how-to schema
  7. Relaunch top content
  8. Increase internal linking
  9. Update old content with new links
  10. Remove unnecessary links
  11. Mobile link parity audit
  12. Invest in long-form content
  13. Use more headers
  14. Leverage topic clusters
  15. Bring content out of tabs
  16. Core Web Vitals
  17. Limit sitemaps to 10,000
  18. Leverage dynamic sitemaps
  19. Passive link acquisition
  20. Page-level link intersect
  21. Be the last click


If you’re considering migrating your eCommerce store to another platform, it’s important that you consider the impact the move will have on your organic rankings. We’ve done a whole blog post about how to navigate this and tips to ensure you don’t lose your organic rankings when moving eCommerce platforms. You can read it here.

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You can view the whole blog post from MOZ that we used as our source for this podcast episode here:


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