Support and Success for Your Shopify Store.

Support and Success for Your Shopify Store.

What happens after your site goes live?

There’s one thing we can guarantee for you in eCommerce…

Constant change.

The world of online sales, though we may think we have it tamed, is constantly evolving with new apps, new updates, new products, new customers, changing consumer behaviour, new competitors – and you need to stay one step ahead.

At Zyber we often say the real relationship with us starts once your website goes live.

The delivery of a fast and functional website is just the beginning.  We’re here to grow with you, which means innovative solutions and ongoing support that keeps your website performing at the top of its game.

Support for your website means having a digital expert on your team. We’re here to help you stay one step ahead of the curve, keep your website at peak performance and help you make more sales.

Let’s explore:

  •       What digital support entails
  •       When you know you’ve found a Support and Success expert

eCommerce never sleeps – your website is your 24/7, top-performing salesperson, working around the clock to bring in revenue. Use it to its advantage.  


What Support Do You Need?

This will vary from business to business, but there are some hard and fast areas of support that we won’t budge on. We know from helping thousands of eCommerce business owners and companies that these areas are non-negotiable and vital to track your success and growth.

But we also like to take it one step further at Zyber – we look at data patterns, optimise, and drive conversions with technology based initiatives.

Here’s how.


Data Diving

We are all about data for eCom business, and for good reason. When it comes to tracking success, your data tells us, in no uncertain terms, where the gaps are. We then figure out how to fill them.

We frack your data and use the insights to guide us on the next best steps to keep you on a growth trajectory. This could be discovering the next optimal way to sell to your audience or how to launch your new product line most effectively  – the options are essentially limitless.

We’re not just looking at trends in the online world – those will come and go. We’re looking at what works and focusing on making more sales.

When you combine the experience of a digital strategist with your business data and industry benchmarks, you get results. Data is more than graphs and spreadsheets to put in a report for your next team meeting – it’s the starting point for innovative solutions that grow your business and increase your sales.

data dashboard


Target Audience Personas

One way to truly optimize your sites performance is through target audience segmentation. 

You probably already know your ideal target audience/market in some capacity – you may even have a demographic or avatar built to define their characteristics and have likely conducted research to look into why they’re likely to buy your product in the first place.

We look deeper into groups within your target market, find commonalities, and consult you on how best to reach them – this is target audience segmentation. This is done through researching customer trends, using existing sources, gathering customer feedback through surveys, or through using analytical data we can derive from tools on your site (such as Klaviyo for email marketing.)

Once we’ve defined pain-points you can solve, we set KPIs to reach. The data and segmentation we’ve now put together helps those KPIs by deciding the message, design and UX of your website – all targeting a specific customer, their needs and their wants. 

Consumer behaviour constantly changes, as do your competitors. To stay one step ahead and take the lead in your industry, start with the data, and let it guide you the rest of the way.



We’re big fans of conversion rate optimisation – it means more money in your pocket without spending more money on ads.

Working with Shopify success experts will help you get more of the right customers on your site, which will lead to more sales and higher revenue. 

CRO starts with solid research (target audience segmentation works here too), and leads to data based experimentation to determine the best solutions. Research helps you understand what’s currently happening, experimentation helps you find new, effective solutions to any issues.

Increase your CRO using expert techniques

  • Proven processes: Rather than a one-size-fits all approach, experts use systematic processes and a unique lens on each website.      
  • Tools and apps: Gather important analytical data using digital tools. Take a look here for the top three tools marketing managers should be using.
  • Copywriting: Write copy based on data, using language that speaks to your ideal customer. Strategically place this copy throughout the sales funnel.
  • Psychology: Blend qualitative and quantitative data for extra powerful results. 
  • User Experience (UX): Ensure you’re answering your customers top questions with intentional elements. 
  • Methodical testing: Ensure a positive ROI by using data to measure and optimise every change. 

Sound good? Head here to read about how to put more money in your pocket, without increasing traffic.



Remember how we likened your website to your top performing, 24/7 salesperson? This is where the king of kings, automation, likes to drop in. 

Automation refers to triggers on your website that kick-start automatic actions. They can range from simple processes, such as email campaign flows, to more complex processes, such as the Shopify Flow automation that saved a business $150K.

As your Support and Success experts, we continuously monitor and evaluate your site for areas to introduce automation.

Your website, and success, starts with a brilliant, fast and functional website. The real relationship begins when that website goes live – you need someone on your team who’s constantly looking for areas of growth and opportunity. 

What can be automated? What strategy can we implement for you?

That’s where support kicks in and success happens. 



We’re always thinking of new ways for you to engage customers, successfully promote your products, and increase sales. Strategic marketing and digital strategy is a vital ingredient in the ongoing growth of a business.

Our Support & Success Strategists at Zyber utilise their expertise to consult your business on marketing opportunities. We’ll have honest conversations regarding marketing initiatives, the right marketing partners to join forces with, and whether your ROI is worthwhile. We’ll also help you determine audience segmentation, brainstorm marketing collateral, and ensure you’re maximising the data at your disposal.

Laptop and Phone with Facebook



As your business grows (which it will with our partnership), having trusted 3PL providers is a fundamental aspect. 

Supporting your success comes naturally to us – we’re a part of your team. Having a team of highly-specialised eCommerce experts on your team means you can skip the research and lean into our resources, contacts, and partners to find the best 3PL for your business.



Another component of success lies in the strategic roadmapping of your site. Our Digital Strategists utilise technology-focused initiatives to develop website roadmaps that can determine the right time to build new pages or sections into your site. This also provides guidance on when to optimise the site and make improvements. 


Looking For an Expert?

Fortunately, you’re already on the website of New Zealand’s leading Shopify Experts. Give us a call to find out more. 

Zyber Team are Shopify Plus Partners


We Celebrate With You

Look, as cheesy as it may sound, we’re going to dish out the high-fives when the big wins start coming in. Sometimes, we ride out the hard times together. Owning and running a business is an emotional roller-coaster – we’ve seen it all and we’ve got your back. We love developing winning strategies for online success and are hooked on helping businesses succeed. 


We’re Part of Your Team

If you haven’t grasped it yet, let’s make it abundantly clear – support goes beyond the setup of your website (although we do that incredibly well). While we know a business needs a great website to succeed online, the real success comes after the website has gone live. From setting up ads, to further developing audiences, automation, CRO, roadmapping and ongoing data analysis all happen while the website is live and active.

Success comes when strategy is in motion. Our Support & Success service is an ongoing journey that continually adapts and innovates with your business. You’re always guaranteed dedicated focus, support, guidance, development and strategy. That’s how you know that we deliver what we’ve said we would. 

When you partner with us, we’re just that: your partners. We’ll be the ones keeping you a step ahead.

Where do you want to be tomorrow?