Talk n’ Shop with Zyber – Our New Podcast.

Talk n’ Shop with Zyber – Our New Podcast.

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Welcome to our brand new eCommerce Podcast – Talk’n Shop with Zyber!

The team here at Zyber love having epic in-depth discussions about eCommerce and we’ve often mentioned that we wish someone had been in the room to record what had been said. Well, now we do, and these discussions will be available for you to listen to whenever you please.

Introducing, the Talk’n Shop with Zyber Podcast. A podcast created for Marketing Managers, GM’s, Business owners and eCommerce merchants looking to succeed online.

Leo our General Manager, and Waldo our Senior Digital Strategist catch up weekly to discuss a particular topic, speak to an industry insider or partner, or catch up with an eCommerce merchant to find out about their pain points and what led them to ultimate success. A new episode will be available every Wednesday, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

We hope you love this podcast as much as we do and tune in every Wednesday for a new episode.

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