The Journey to Silicon Valley with Cin7.

The Journey to Silicon Valley with Cin7.

Danny Ing from Cin7 – Leading Inventory Management System for Shopify

We are so excited to share this episode with you. This week we had the Founder of Cin7, Danny Ing join us in the studio. Our Shopify experts had a lot of gritty questions to get into this episode, but it was one of those times where the story just takes us on a completely different journey and we absolutely loved it!
Danny took us from humble beginnings of figuring out what he was good at out of University, to his journey to Silicon Valley and now running one of the most successful inventory management systems right out of New Zealand.
Danny also shares what led him to build Cin7 and the roadmap he sees for the future of eCommerce.
Cin7 connects your products, sales channels, stock locations, orders, warehouses, workflows, reports and more into one automated solution. Delight everyone right across your business with one connected source of truth. Give your operations, finance, warehouse, and eCommerce managers the tools they need to work together more efficiently and smoothly.

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