Shopify Xero Integration

Custom Xero & Shopify Plus Integration. The Zyber Solution.

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Integrating Xero with Shopify Plus.


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A custom solution for BedsRus.

As many businesses do, BedsRus use Xero accounting software to manage their invoicing and accounting data. For many businesses, keeping a record of online sales and in-store purchases within Xero is fairly simple. However, for BedsRus who run an eCommerce store as well as a franchise business model for their retail stores, accurately recording the sales and accounting data is a challenge.

Prior to working with Zyber, BedsRus were using an out of the box app to integrate Shopify with Xero. It was clunky, hard to use and was not the right fit for the BedsRus business model.

BedsRus were struggling to correctly account for individual store commission and reconcile sales which was slowing down the day to day process of BedsRus HQ. BedsRus operate on a franchise business model so ensuring correct accounting records were kept for each store was crucial for each individual store owner.

Zyber stepped in and built a powerful, intuitive to use, custom app that allows for two way communication between Shopify Plus and Xero.

Shopify Xero Integration

Here’s how it works. When an order is placed online, the order comes through the Shopify platform, from here the custom app can recognise which store the sale is attributed and hence the invoice from Xero needs to be generated from. The app then triggers the correct Xero ID and generates the sales invoice for the customer. The app also generates a purchase order from the store to the franchise order in order to pay for the inventory sold.

The app can also distinguish between types of dispatch. So, if a customer has selected rapid dispatch, the app can recognise this from the Shopify order, and automatically generates a notification to courier partner Aramex, as well as the packing slip and custom dimensions of the item being dispatched to the retail store staff.

The app also allows for an admin to log in and make changes to orders that are automatically reflected in both Xero and Shopify. For example, if the store needs to be changed on the invoice, a staff member can simply choose the correct store from a drop-down list.

Once updated, the app will automatically refund the Xero invoices for the previous store and generate new ones for the new store to reflect changes made. The admin can also process refunds to customers directly within the app, which again will automatically be updated in Xero and Shopify.

Any order status can also be updated within the app. If an order has been fulfilled, dispatched, delayed or modified, the admin can select one of these changes from a drop-down menu and will send a notification email from Shopify to the customer.

This custom app and integration developed by Zyber has significantly reduced the number of errors made and has made life so much easier for the staff at BedsRus.With over 20+ hours a week has been reduced in manual labour from the accounts, support and dispatch team at each store.

This automation continues to help BedsRus be the leading mattress retailer in New Zealand and providing faster dispatch of products to its loyal customers around NZ.