Social Media Strategy - Acing the Gram.

Social Media Strategy - Acing the Gram.

Social Media Strategy – Acing Instagram and TikTok

Let’s talk Instagram marketing strategies. With 500+ million active users per day and secondly, forecasts that there will be 1.1 billion Instagram users in 2022, it’s a missed opportunity if you’re not nailing your social media strategy. 

More larger brands are aggressively dominating the social media space. Therefore, how can you pivot your growth strategy to stand out in front of your target audience?

This week we were joined by Viv and Tash, Instagram gurus and also founders of Instagram specialist company, Ace the Gram. Ace the Gram started 7 years ago, so they’ve been in the industry for years.

In this episode, Tash and Viv share their insight on the evolution, including hashtags to reels, how to organically push content forward, excelling with influencer marketing and more!



What to factor into your 2022 social media strategy

Here is a preview of the nuggets of gold Viv and Tash share:

  • Instagram vs TikTok algorithms: according to Tash, the TikTok algorithm is unmatched. Find out how it differs to Instagram and how this influences the content you include. 
  • Hashtags vs reels: The girls share their insight into why hashtags are dead and reels are the way forward. It’s a tough pill to swallow for people who spend thousands on photos, but video content is the way forward. 
  • Organically push content forward – Tash and Viv share their advice on growig organic content. 
  • Quality vs quantity: Space filler images are a thing of the past. Find your niche and secondly, make sure that your audience is getting value from your content.


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